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where are continental tires made

Continental is a popular tire company that never ceases to provide drivers with high-quality products. In fact, it is ranked second as the industry’s leading tire brand worldwide.

Continental’s success is heavily reliant on its tire manufacturing procedure, which leads us to wonder, where are Continental tires made? What country produces the majority of this company’s products?

Continental is German-based, so its tires are made mainly in Germany. The brand currently has plenty of production facilities worldwide, including in the USA, Brazil, China, and many more.

Continue reading this entire post to find out more about who makes Continental tires, the company history itself, and Continental’s corporate headquarters. 

Manufacturing Locations of Continental Tires


The more customers recognize and love a certain tire brand, the more consumers want more of its products, which leads to the establishment of manufacturing units in multiple nations to cater to loyal consumers globally.

This is true of Continental. As a matter of fact, there are already various Continental tires manufacturer across the world, which will be thoroughly discussed in this section.

Continental Tire Manufacturing Facilities Worldwide

Continental Manufacture Facilities – 2022 Report

The Continental tire company has expanded to so many countries, and it all began in 1985, when the tire operations of Uniroyal in Europe became part of the Continental brand.

In 1987, Continental formed Tire North America, Inc and acquired the General Tire and Rubber Company. These expansion decisions facilitated the appearance of this tire brand in multiple countries worldwide.

Currently, Continental main corporate headquarter is still located in Germany (specifically in Hanover, with manufacturing sites in the same city as well as Korbach and Aachen). Some of its other manufacturing locations are within the US, China, and Brazil.

Overall, the Continental tire company has extended its branches to 160 countries:

  • European Operations

Among different continents in the world, Continental has a solid foothold in Europe. So, Continental decided to establish production hubs in most European countries, including Belgium, Finland, France, Hungary (in Kecskemét), Poland (in Starachowice), Spain, and Sweden to serve customers there.

  • American Operations

Continental has substantial production in the United States. For instance, the tire brand has built manufacturing sites in North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, New York, Kentucky,  Michigan, Georgia, Texas, and Illinois.

Meanwhile, its prominent production site in South America can be traced to Gravataí, Brazil. 

  • African Operations

Africa might be the continent where Continental has the fewest branches, but this company still did a great job of reaching out to its loyal African consumers by establishing branches in Morocco, South Africa, and Zambia.

  • Asian Operations

Continental tires satisfy plenty of their Asian customers with branches in Asia, including in India (in Modipuram), Malaysia (in Alor Setar and Petaling Jaya), Sri Lanka (Kalutara), and even in Israel.

Japan, on the other hand, has the most number of manufacturing sites and branches in comparison. These can be found in (but not limited to) Hamamatsu,

Hiroshima, Hyogo, Monbetsu, Toyohashi, and Yokohama.

Lastly, China has one of the biggest production sites in the Asian region, which is situated in Hefei. In addition, it also has another facility located in Qingdao.

Do you want to find out where exactly your Continental tires are made? Just simply check out the printed DOT number on the sidewall of your tires. This includes the code of the manufacturer, so you can use this code as a reference and search it on the internet to find out where those tires are manufactured.

For example, these are the facility codes of Continental tires that are produced in the US:

  • A3, 6B – Illinois.
  • AD – Kentucky.
  • AC – North Carolina.
  • A9 – Ohio.
  • VY – South Carolina.

Overview of Continental Tire Brand


The origin of Continental tires all started in 1871 in Hanover, Germany, when the Continental Caoutchouc & Gutta-Percha Company came into existence. Continental’s initial offerings at that time did not include car tires but carriage and bike tires instead.

The company’s signature logo was created in 1875, and Continental began using it ever since.

At present time, industrial machinery manufacturer Schaeffler group is its parent company, though Continental AG is the one who handles the general production of Continental tires.

The brand manufactures a wide variety of impressive tires to satisfy the driving needs of car, commercial utility, bicycle, and truck owners.

Overall, Continental tires come with fuel-efficient technology, low rolling resistance, and low road noise levels thanks to its competitive production process.


Where are Continental tires made? They are made in almost 160 branches across the globe. Indeed, the background information on Continental’s manufacturing process is amazing—no wonder why its products are so trendy in the tire industry.

This brand really deserves its name “Continental” due to its strong presence in almost all continents of the world. We hope you learned a lot about this German tire maker through this article.

Thank you for reading!

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