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Kelly vs Cooper Tires

Whether for car enthusiasts or casual drivers, there’s no doubt that Goodyear has made an indelible mark in the tire industry, so much so that they’ve ranked among the top five companies in the market worldwide for many years now.

This success has brought many business opportunities for the famous manufacturer, and that includes taking ownership of two well-known American tire brands at present—Kelly and Cooper tires.

But which one is actually better? Let’s find out in this Kelly vs Cooper tires comparison.


On the surface, there’s not a lot of difference when it comes to Cooper vs Kelly tires, as they are roughly made for the mid-range market. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re bad tires—far from it.

Backed by the titan Goodyear, these brands aren’t pushovers when it comes to the latest tire technologies and innovations. They make some of the most reliable tires in the market, and you won’t be disappointed whether you choose one over the other.

But of course, this is a tire comparison, so let’s compare these brands based on their respective performance capabilities.

1. Performance


For performance, we’ll be comparing the standard touring tire offerings from both brands, since these tires are the ones that cater to a wider range of people.

For comprehensive tire brands comparison, we’ll go with all-season tires, the Kelly Edge A/S and the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring.

a, Dry Performance

When it comes to dry performance, there’s definitely a clear difference between the two, especially when it comes to traction. The 3D micro-siping from the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring enhances the tire’s bite on the tarmac flawlessly, even when accelerating and cornering.

As for the Kelly Edge A/S, the grip is not as terrible as you might think, but it won’t take your breath away either, as its performance is above average at best.

b, Wet Performance

Similar to dry performance, the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring is still the better tire on wet terrains. However, the distinction between the two is much more pronounced this time around.

The Kelly Edge A/S simply lacks the most integral factor when it comes to wet performance—traction. Its braking is noticeably worse than Cooper, though both tires can’t handle aggressive driving that well.

As for the CS5 Grand Touring, it’s a good tire as the traction is relatively decent, but there are definitely better tires out there when it comes to wet performance at high speeds.

2, Durability


For durability, we’ll mix it up a bit and compare the light truck/SUV tires from both brands—the Kelly Edge H/T and the Cooper Discoverer SRX. Surprisingly, both tires are definitely long-lasting, coupled with rather high mileage warranties.

However, if we have to choose, we’ll definitely give it to the Cooper Discoverer SRX. Not only is it more durable (with a rating of 740 for treadwear vs. the Kelly Edge’s 600), but it also features wear indicators to let you know how much tread your tire has left.

Not to mention that it also has 10,000 miles than the Kelly Edge H/T in regards to warranty.

3, Price

While it’s true that both brands cater to more budget-oriented drivers, the prices between them vary by a rather large margin.

In fact, Cooper’s standard touring tire, the CS5 Grand Touring, costs $98.96 per tire for a size of 185/60R15, which is drawing closer to more premium brands.

As for the Kelly Edge A/S, it still stuck with its roots at a more affordable price of $79.96 for the same size.


When it comes to Kelly vs Cooper tires, Cooper definitely takes the cake when it comes to quality. However, due to their steep price points, the line between budget and premium is starting to get blurred.

Meanwhile, Kelly tires are at a more affordable price range while still being more decent than most budget tire brands. That being said, if you’re looking for performance and don’t mind the price, go for Cooper, but if you’re on a budget, Kelly is definitely the way to go.

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