Yokohama YK580 Tire Reviews: Worthy Investment for Your Vehicle


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Yokohama YK580 Tire Reviews

For modern vehicles, choosing the best tire that fits all driving conditions is a difficult task. Among various all-season tires, the Yokohama YK580 stands out with its Orange Oil compound, which enables it to handle all driving conditions.

In addition, the YK580 provides you with the best fuel efficiency and offers multiple warranties, depending on the size. These tires are the best fit for all vehicles like  SUVs, CUVs, coupes, sedans, etc.

Keep on reading our Yokohama YK580 tire reviews to find out more features that make this tire worth buying.

1. Design


The tire has an aggressive asymmetrical tread pattern and sharp, biting edges. As a result, it’s exceptionally smooth and quiet while driving, thus guaranteeing a comfortable driving experience.

Another noteworthy feature of the tire’s design is its adaptive cross-traction sipes and water channels, which help to disperse the rainwater for improved wet traction. You’ll also love the tire’s optimized groove ratio for better grip on dry roads.

2. Composition


As mentioned above, the YK580 features an innovative tire composition called Orange Oil. This means Yokohama uses oil extracted from orange peels instead of petroleum products to make their tires.

Strange as it may sound, the oil derived from orange peels is actually better at handling cold and wet roads, as it still stays flexible and grippy in these conditions. What’s more, this composition, combined with the dual steel belts, ensures that the tire lasts longer and has better traction despite its low rolling resistance.

3. Performance


You will see that Yokohama’s tire technology has played a vital role in enhancing its performance and making it an all-season tire. Let’s have a look.


For starters, the tire’s uni-block shoulders ensure adequate stiffness level and handling stability. I’m actually impressed with how responsive the tires are on wet, dry, and winter roads, not to mention that they can round tight corners with no issues.


On both wet and dry roads, the YK580 boasts excellent grip thanks to its blocking edges and Orange Oil compound. Even in heavy rains, the tire still provides reliable traction thanks to its wide circumferential grooves that prevent any hydroplaning.

The tire also has great traction on surfaces with two inches of snow. Moreover, it can breeze through unplowed roads with next to no problems, provided that the snow isn’t too thick.

However, you should note that the tire will struggle with surfaces covered in pure ice. Although it can still grip onto the surface, the driving experience may feel too slippery for comfort.


Yokohama tires have a long-lasting durability and tread miles warranty, which varies depending on what speed rating your tire is:

  • W-rated tires: 45,000 miles
  • H- and V-rated tires: 60,000 miles.

3. Pros and Cons of Yokohama YK580 tire

To sum everything up, here are the merits and drawbacks of the YK580:

  • Efficient wet and dry
  • Provides quiet and comfortable driving experience
  • Can handle tight corners well
  • Reliable in light snow
  • Long treadwear warranty
  • Low rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency
  • Can’t handle heavy snow and pure ice


To wrap up my Yokohama YK580 tire reviews, the tire boasts impressive performance, compatibility, and tire composition. This explains why it has such high ratings and reviews among customers overall.

Unless your region experiences exceptionally heavy snow, the YK580 is suitable for year-round driving. This definitely makes the tire a worth-while investment for your vehicle.

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