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The holiday cheer is almost upon us, and aside from presents and decorations, we all have something coming our way—snow. As such, when driving in inclement weather, you need the best snow tires for the job.

So, we’ve tested two of arguably the best winter tires in the market, Cooper Discoverer True North vs Bridgestone Blizzak, in this winter tire comparison. Let’s find out which tire is perfect for you.

Tire Cooper Discoverer True North Bridgestone Blizzak WS90
Tire Type Studless Ice and Snow Studless Ice and Snow
Tested Size 235/55R17 235/55R17
3PMSF Yes Yes
Tread Depth 11/32″ 12/32″
Max Load 1,709 lbs 1,709 lbs
Tire Weight 29 lbs 28 lbs
Section Width 9.6” 9.7″
Rim Range 6.5 to 8.5 inches 6.5-8.5 inches
Revs/Mile 763 767
Price $154.99 $175.99

What Are They?

1. Cooper Discoverer True North


The Cooper Discoverer True North is Cooper’s premier winter tire—and for good reasons.

Due to its incredible design and technologies, it can handle any road surface that winter throws at it. From sleet and slush down to ice and hail, the True North has got you covered.

It all starts with Cooper’s special tire compound and biting edges, which give it superb traction on wintery roads without the need for studs. Not only that, but Cooper’s Snow Groove technology allows it to pack snow to enhance grip, maneuverability, and even braking.

If noise is an issue during those wintery drives, well, the True North tread design also keeps air from freely passing through its grooves, allowing a calm and peaceful ride throughout.

2. Bridgestone Blizzak


The Blizzak is Bridgestone’s version of a premiere studless winter tire, which has seen constant upgrades throughout the years. Its latest version, the Bridgestone Blizzak WS90, has some nifty features that give other snow tire brands a run for their money.

For one thing, this version enhanced its braking distance from the WS80 by incorporating additional block edges.

Not only that, but traction capabilities saw a significant boost with the introduction of a Multi-Cell compound featuring bite particles and a large contact patch that effectively enhances control.

Additionally, the inclusion of a Silica compound contributes to improved maneuverability and traction, and Edge Performance Technology guarantees consistent performance of the tire.

Key Differences

1. Wet Performance

Hydroplaning resistance and traction are the name of the game for optimal wet road performance, and both tires perform reliably well. As such, it was really hard to see which tire was better, since both had their fair share of advantages.

For starters, the Bridgestone Blizzak’s WS90 had a much higher void ratio, which gave it an incredible amount of hydroplaning resistance. Meanwhile, the Cooper True North’s tread design gave it much better wet grip.

2. Dry Performance

The same could not be said in terms of dry performance. Since the Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 had a continuous central rib, it gave shorter braking distance, better steering, and slightly faster lap time.

3. Snow Performance


Although wet and dry performance are important, performance in snow matters much more when comparing winter tires, and the Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 definitely has the upper hand.

It has lateral grooves, which allow it to eject slush and snow superbly well, while the Discoverer True North’s narrower grooves struggle with this, which compromises its grip on snow.

4. Ice Performance


When it comes to ice performance, the Discoverer True North is the better tire in handling, mainly because of its high-density siping.

However, Bridgestone takes the cake in braking distance and acceleration, making it the superior choice in ice performance.

5. Noise and Comfort

As mentioned above, the Blizzak WS90 has a higher void ratio. While this gives much better resistance on snowy roads, it also allows more air particles to pass through its grooves and create much more noise.

For comfort, both tires sport the same tread depth, greatly affecting how a tire handles bumps and potholes on the road. As such, it’s a tie when you’re talking about comfort and not noise.

6. Price

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Cooper Discoverer True North is priced at $154.99 per tire on a 235/55R17 size. Meanwhile, the Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 has a much steeper price tag at $175.99.


In this Cooper Discoverer True North vs Bridgestone Blizzak tire comparison, it’s quite clear which tire is better overall, and that’s the Bridgestone Blizzak. However, you also can’t dismiss the Cooper True North that easily.

Although it lags behind the Blizzak in almost all aspects, it has better comfort and pricing. As such, the choice entirely depends on your preference and budget.

If you’ve got constant barrages of heavy snow, the Bridgestone Blizzak is an obvious choice. But if the weather in your area is somewhat milder, then the Cooper Discoverer is the better bet.

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