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Goodyear Marathon vs Endurance

Goodyear is known to be home to a wide array of amazing tires that deliver different driving needs, including trailer tires.

If you’re looking for a perfect Goodyear trailer tire model for your vehicle, the good news is you’re on the right page. We will give you a tire review between  Goodyear Marathon vs Endurance. These two spectacular trailer tires are both manufactured by Goodyear, but depending on your priorities, one will better satisfy your needs for sure.

So, how to find out which one? Read on to see the full overview, performance, warranty policy, price point, and pros and cons of these two trailer tires.

By simply displaying a brief comparison chart between Goodyear Endurance vs Marathon, we can distinguish that these two tire models really share multiple characteristics. But still, they are slightly different in certain aspects.

Attributes Marathon Endurance
Tire Brand Wrangler Falken
Tire Type Trailer Trailer
Diameter (in.) 24-30.7 26.1-33.1
Width (in.) 7-9.2 8-10
Rim Range (in.) From 4.5-5.5 to 6-7.5 From 5-6.5 to 6.5-8
Measured Rim (in.) 5-6.5 5.5-7
Tread Depth (in.) 9/32-10/32 8/32
Highest Load Range E E
Max Load (lbs) 1360-3420 2040/1820-4080/3640
Max Inflation Pressure (PSI) 50-80 65-80
Weight (lbs) 18-39 27-51
Revs Per Mile 679-866 628-796

Goodyear Marathon and Endurance: An Overview

1. About Goodyear Marathon


The Goodyear Marathon trailer tire is supposedly an OEM tire on a variety of recreational vehicles. This is intended to be a great tire replacement for vehicles such as automobile haulers, horse trailers, fifth wheel trailers, travel trailers, and boat trailers.

On top of that, this tire comes with a symmetric tread pattern and is made with tough compounds to employ reduced rolling resistance, retained road surface contact, smooth ride quality, improved stability, and durability.

2. About Goodyear Endurance


The Goodyear Endurance trailer tire is specifically designed for heavy-duty towing applications, catering to vehicles such as trailers and haulers. Goodyear ensures its long-lasting tread life and maximized load capacity by using Kevlar technology.

Also, it is engineered with Hydro Grip technology to deliver good traction and braking power, especially on wet road conditions. Plus, its three-way interlocking technology provides good handling and control during fast-speed driving.

Goodyear Marathon and Endurance: A Detailed Comparison  

1. Dry Performance

In this part, we will compare the performance of the Goodyear Marathon vs Endurance in many categories. Let’s analyze how these tires perform in various circumstances.


  • Endurance: Features better overall grip and traction capabilities on dry roads, outperforming Marathon in dry handling properties.
  • Marathon: Still delivers quite a good dry performance, but technically speaking, Goodyear Endurance is the better choice for dry road conditions.

2. Wet Performance


  • Endurance: Features better grip performance on wet roads and has great hydroplaning resistance technology, but its self-cleansing performance in terms of the wet category is generally lower than its rival.
  • Marathon: Lower wet grip and handling ratings, but compensates with good hydroplaning resistance quality due to better aquaplaning resistance technology. It evacuates water thoroughly to allow high-speed driving even on wet roads.

3. Winter performance


  • Endurance: Exhibits ideal grip, traction, and handling on icy roads, but might have weaknesses on light snow.
  • Marathon: Efficiently handles snowy surfaces as made easy to scoop out the snow. It can also maximize its handling skills on snow, making it also a good radial tire for winter towing purposes.

4. Ride quality


  • Endurance: Provides a pleasant and quiet ride to its passengers with less noise production in the cabin.
  • Marathon: Does not offer decreased vibration on the cabin with low rosad noise level, so if you’re looking for those, Goodyear Marathon is not the best choice.

5. Other technical features


  • Endurance: has a higher rolling resistance since this tire is originally not fuel-efficient. Thus, it features an overall reduced braking distance.
  • Marathon: Features increased braking distance. It also comes with fuel economic technology so you can ensure that it definitely has a low rolling resistance.

6. Durability


Endurance is generally considered longer-lasting than the Goodyear Marathon. In fact, Endurance is a newer radial tire model which explains why it has a higher pressure rating with better towing capabilities than Marathon.

7. Warranty


Both Goodyear Marathon and Goodyear Endurance tires do not provide treadlife warranty support. But the good news is, both of these tires come with a similar uniformity and workmanship warranty length policy.

  • The tire uniformity warranty is available for the first 2/32 inch treadwear.
  • The workmanship warranty provides free replacement within the first 2/32 inch tread wear during the first year of the product, but only for a period of six years after the date of manufacture.

8. Pricing


We all know that Goodyear tires come at an expensive cost compared with other tire brands out there.

  • The Goodyear Marathon has a price point starting approximately $90.
  • Meanwhile, Goodyear Endurance costs between $131.99 to $229.99.

Therefore, the Goodyear Marathon is generally cheaper than the Goodyear Endurance tires.

9. Pros and Cons

Every tire has its own set of remarkable qualities and even limitations. Listed below are the benefits and drawbacks of Goodyear Endurance vs Marathon so you can decide which one is best for you.

Goodyear Endurance

  • Better load capacity
  • Decent warranty policy
  • Newer tire model
  • Better dry road performance
  • Better grip and handling performance on wet roads
  • Better snow road performance
  • More pleasant and quieter ride quality
  • Promotes longer tread life
  • Lower wet self-cleansing ability
  • Light snow weakness
  • Lacks fuel-efficient technology
  • With-High rolling resistance
  • More expensive

Goodyear Marathon

  • Cheaper price point
  • Decent warranty policy
  • Better hydroplaning resistance
  • Superb high-speed driving performance on wet roads
  • Fuel-efficient with low rolling resistance
  • Older radial tire variant
  • Lower in terms of road noise levels and ride comfort
  • Less durable

Which Tire is Better?

After discussing the performance aspects of both tires, it is evident that both the Goodyear Endurance and Goodyear Marathon have their strengths and weaknesses.

The Goodyear Endurance stands out as a newer tire model with excellent durability, all-season performance and road noise reduction.

The few issues it has are its expensive price point, absence of fuel efficient technology which leads to high rolling resistance, and its weakness to self-cleanse.

On the other hand, the Goodyear Marathon, while being an older model, offers advantages such as a cheaper price point, better hydroplaning resistance, and lower rolling resistance. However, it may have limitations in terms of durability and mediocre ride quality.

In conclusion, one of these tires is better the other way around. At the end of the day, your driving needs and preference must be prioritized so you can get what you considered the better radial tire within these two.


That’s all for today’s post about the Goodyear Marathon vs Endurance comparison. Both showcase slightly similar features and performance, so either of the two will surely be a great radial tire replacement for your vehicle since Goodyear never disappoints.

We hope this post is a great help for you to have better insights of these two radial tire models, and make an informed decision.

Drive safely and confidently with your chosen Goodyear tire!

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