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Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate vs Eagle-Sport

The comparison between Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate vs Eagle Sport is a hot debate.

The Exhilarate is leading in wet performance as well as noise reduction. Meanwhile, the Sport All-Season is more affordable and durable.

To give you a clear picture of these options right away, below is our comparison chart.

  Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season
Dry Performance There is little difference between the two Goodyear tires.
Wet Performance The Eagle Exhilarate has better wet performance.
Comfort The Exhilarate’s better.
Durability Eagle Sport All-Season wins.
Warranty 45,000 miles 50,000 miles
Price $157.16 to $330.37 $121.00 to $265.10

To understand our rating, below is a close look at the Goodyear Eagle Sport A/S and the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate tire.


1. Dry Performance


Both tires have features that help them perform well on dry roads.

Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate has a five-rib tread pattern and a special tread block that ensures even pressure distribution, helping it grip the road at high speeds and while cornering.

Similarly, the Eagle Sport All Season excels on dry terrains with its asymmetric design and biting edges. The tire feels responsive and performs well at interstate speeds.

Based on reviews and expert testing, the two are equally effective in offering superior grip on dry roads. Drivers could choose either and notice little to no difference.

2. Wet Performance


The Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate has a high-silica compound, plus ActiveBraking Technology to boost wet traction and safety during quick stops. The tread’s polymers and resins also allow for smooth handling on the road.

The Eagle Sport All-Season, meanwhile, utilizes full-depth sipes and circumferential grooves for traction. Its grooves and lateral notches also provide water with a way out, preventing hydroplaning.

Overall, the Eagle Exhilarate outperforms in wet conditions. It shows strong wet braking and maintains grip well. There’s no excessive wheel slippage, even while stopping in the rain.

On the other hand, the Eagle Sports All-Season can lose its grip when driving aggressively or making hard corners in the rain. That is why the better choice for drivers who face rainy conditions is the Eagle Exhilarate.

3. Durability


To address the demand for high-speed performance tires, the Goodyear Exhilarate has a two-ply polyester cord casing internal structure. It also has a heavy-duty steel wire belt with two reinforced polyamide plies.

The polyester cord, steel wire belt, and polyamide plies allow the Exhilarate to retain its shape as well as support the weight of the vehicle.

On the other hand, The Eagle Sport All-Season features Goodyear’s RaceWrap Construction Technology inspired by NASCAR. The wrapping consists of a polyester cord going around the bead and below the steel belts.

Both tires are similarly constructed for durability. Overall, Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season has better longevity with a UTQG rating of 560 compared to the Exhilarate’s score of 500.

The latter number is true for all sizes, whether Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate 225/40r18 or otherwise. The only model of the Eagle Sport with less impressive treadwear is 255/40R19 100H, which is rated at 400.

4. Comfort

Good Year Eagle tires are built for high-speed performance, and neither model here focuses on minimizing vibrations or noise.

However, the Eagle Exhilarate takes the lead based on user reviews. Users were more critical of the Eagle Sport tire’s ability to lower noise while driving.

Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate has received positive feedback from users.
The noise reduction ability is a weakness of the Goodyear Eagle Sports

5. Warranty

The Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate has a mileage rating coverage of up to 45,000. Meanwhile, the Goodyear Eagle Sports All-Season also has a mileage coverage of 50,000 miles.

6. Cost

The tire prices for the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate is around $157.16 to $330.37 in most tire dealerships.

On the other hand, the average cost of the Goodyear Sports All-Season is around $121.00 to $265.10 in retail stores. For this category, the Sports A/S wins due to its low price.Which Tire is Better?

Considering all these factors, the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate is the superior tire. It demonstrates exceptional performance on both dry and wet pavements.

Additionally, it has received positive feedback for comfort and noise levels, making it a well-rounded choice.

Despite the Eagle Exhilarate’s lead, the Eagle Sport All-Season remains a strong competitor. Its solid performance on dry roads and commendable durability make it a reliable option.

While it may not excel in wet conditions like the Exhilarate, its lower price point and slightly higher mileage coverage offer good value. It’s a viable choice for drivers looking for balanced performance at a more affordable cost.


To conclude our comparison between the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate vs. Eagle Sport, the former is the winner. The Exhilarate wins with its wet performance and comfortable driving experience.

However, the Sports All-Season offers the same dry performance and superior durability while having a low price.

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