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Touted as an affordable and reliable option for most vehicles, Douglas Tires offers one of the most competitive price-to-performance ratios on the market. ? The brand is exclusive to Walmart. But do you know who makes Douglas Tires?

Douglas Tires was established by Kelly Springfield – a tire company owned by the industry’s giant – Goodyear.

Here’s more information about the Douglas Tire manufacturer and how their products compare with other brands.

Douglas Tire Company


1. History and Background

Douglas Tires produces Walmart-exclusive tires that are only available at their retail chain and not anywhere else. The brand was founded in 1992 under the Kelly Springfield Tire Company, a subsidiary of Goodyear.

2. Mission and Values

Douglas Tires are made to be one of the most affordable product lines for those needing a reliable tire on a limited budget. These tires also follow high-end standards in the production process to ensure a safe and comfortable drive.

3. Relationship with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

What company owns Douglas Tire? Believe it or not, it’s Goodyear. Kelly Springfield Tire Company, a subsidiary of Goodyear, registered the brand in 1992.

Despite popular beliefs, Douglas is simply a trademark name for a line of Goodyear tires. Douglas Tires to Goodyear is the same as Lays Chips to PepsiCo.

Overview of Douglas Tires

1. Where Douglas Tires Are Made

Goodyear makes all Douglas Tires in factories across different US states. A good way to know you are buying their original tires, not ones made in China, is to check on the Department of Transportation (DOT) code on the sidewall of a tire. The first two letters show the location where the tires are made in USA.

Here’s a chart to trace which Goodyear plant a Douglas Tire comes from with the 2-letter plant code.


M6 – Lawton city in Oklahoma

MB – Akron city in Ohio

MK – Union City in Tennessee

MC – Danville city in Virginia

MD – Gadsden city in Alabama

MM, PJ – Fayetteville city in North Carolina

MN – Freeport city in Illinois

MP, PL – Tyler city in Texas

MJ – Topeka city in Kansas

2. Manufacturing and Production


The first process in producing Douglas tires is to blend up to 30 ingredients, including rubber and filler. Each tire line, including Douglas Tires, uses a unique mix of ingredients to achieve specific performance and durability.

The rubber mixture is cooled and cut into tire strips. These strips are made into actual Douglas Tires in the next step, adding various parts such as steel belts and treads. To complete the process, the tire must be vulcanized with hot molds through curing.

3. Tire Performance and Quality

Douglas Tires offers two main tire lineups: all-season, and performance. Overall, the tire’s rating isn’t dominating but acceptable at its marketed price point.

Douglas All-Season Tire


Douglas All-Season Tire is designed to provide a reliable grip in dry and wet conditions. The tires work best in urban or city driving, offering a stable and comfortable ride.

One issue with this Douglas Tire line is the noise it generates when driving through uneven roads. Its treadwear is also not as long-lasting as other similar all-season tires. These flaws are understandable, given the price of a Douglas All-Season tire from Walmart.

Douglas Performance Tire


As the name suggests, the Douglas Performance Tire performs better than the brand’s all-season line, with exceptional grip on dry roads. It is also designed to achieve better-turning response and better handling.

However, this product line cannot produce the same grip and traction on wet roads as the Douglas All-Season Tires. The Douglas Performance tires don’t operate well on wet surfaces due to their tread compound.

4. Warranty and Customer Service


All Douglas tires come with generous coverage of a 45,000 miles treadwear limited warranty. However, there’s quite a big catch to it.

For the warranty to be effective, customers must mount the tires at Walmart. If they buy the Douglas tires at Walmart but mount them elsewhere, filing a warranty claim would be challenging.

To certify the warranty, we recommend mounting the tires right at Walmart. You can ask a certified Walmart personnel to mount the tires and avoid future tire problems.

Since Douglas Tires come from Walmart, they are also covered by the store’s 90-day free return policy. You can return them and receive a refund or gift card if you are unsatisfied with the tires. Always keep your receipt when buying a Douglas Tire to qualify for this return policy.

Tips to Choose a Suitable Douglas Tire


To know which Douglas Tire is suitable for your vehicle, here are a few factors to consider:

Driving Needs

Assessing your driving needs should give you a rough idea of what to look for in a tire.

The first factor to consider is the weather conditions you typically experience. All-season tires or dedicated winter tires for snowy or icy conditions are recommended in areas with distinct seasons.

Next, move on to your typical driving environment. Are you primarily driving on highways, city streets, or off-road? This will help you select a tire with the appropriate tread pattern, traction, and handling characteristics.

If you regularly cross dirt roads or rural areas, you will need an all-terrain tire that can give you traction for challenging surfaces.

Unfortunately, Douglas Tire has no product line that does well in off-road conditions. If you’re looking for a tire that’s good in all terrain or good in snow, we suggest finding another brand.


Douglas Tires are intended for people on a tight budget who need a replacement or an emergency spare. Depending on the product line, you can get a Douglas tire at Walmart for anything from $56 to $116.

Before you make the purchase, make sure the tire fits your vehicle. Ask certified personnel to install the tires for you so that the treadwear warranty is effective.

Comparison to Other Tire Brands

What makes Douglas Tire an attractive line for many people is its price. Tires within the same category as Douglas All-Season tires are aftermarket or OEM parts, which makes them unreliable in tire traction and durability. Douglas is a brand known for reliable and affordable tires.

Unfortunately, most established tire brands will beat Douglas Tire on performance. The parent company, Goodyear, has all-terrain and performance tires that cover all the shortcomings of Douglas Tire lines.

Another issue with Douglas Tire is its Walmart exclusivity. You can only buy Douglas Tires from this store. Other brands like Cooper and BF Goodrich have tires in auto shops and retail stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Douglas Tires a good tire?

Douglas Tire provides a reasonable performance at an affordable price point. If you’re looking for a cost-saving option, Douglas Tire will solve most of your basic needs comfortably. However, in case you can afford to spend more, there are definitely better options.

What is the cost of Douglas Tires?

Tire prices for Douglas Tire lines in Walmart range from $56 to $116. Their cheapest products are their all-season tires.

Are Douglas Tires noisy?

Expect a quiet ride with the Douglas Tire line. Its all-season tires’ design does not produce noise as long as its tread is in good condition.

Who Made Douglas Tires?

All Douglas Tire lines are made by Goodyear. Douglas Tires is a trademark name for Goodyear’s Walmart-exclusive tires. Kelly Springfield registers the name, but Goodyear is actually who owns the company.


Now you know who makes Douglas Tires. The brand belongs to Kelly Springfield Tire Company, a subsidiary of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

While Douglas Tire lines fail to reach the same performance and durability as other products, they are still a better choice for those with a tight budget. The tire has an incredible value for its price than other brands.  

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