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how to let air out of a tire

Overinflating your tire results in tread wear, a bouncy ride, and the risk of a tire blowout. That’s why we need to adhere to the required psi for our type of tires.

In many cases, we also need to deflate our tires quickly to repair or move the vehicle. Therefore, it is important to know how to let air out of a tire.

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How to Let the Air Out of a Tire


1. With screwdriver or needle-nose pliers

There are two ways to remove air from a tire using a screwdriver or needle-nose pliers.

  • For valves without a cap

If you want to let air out of tire fast, unscrew the valve or metal pin. Then, please put it back once you reach the ideal tire pressure.

Don’t forget to reattach the cap because it protects the valve from dirt.

  • For valves with a cap

You need to detach the cap first to find the metal pin.

Then, use a flathead screwdriver or needle-nose pliers to press the tip of the metal pin inward to release air from tire.

The air shoots out of the valve as long as you apply pressure on the pin. It stops the moment you lift the screwdriver.

Therefore, stop pressing the pin when you reach the ideal tire pressure.

2. With a tire deflator

A tire deflator is a brass plated device that lets you remove air from a tire more conveniently.

  • Set it ahead of time to your recommended PSI and grab it when you need it.
  • Attach it to the valve. Loosen or tighten it according to the tire pressure needed and wait for the air sound to stop.

You can configure four tire deflators to your tire’s ideal PSI and simultaneously take the air out of all your car or truck tires.

Tire deflators are ideal if you have always been a victim of letting air out of tires prank. These automatic devices will save you time checking tire pressure and deflating your tire as needed.

3. Without tool

To remove air from tire, it is necessary to identify the type of valve used in the vehicle.

The valve stem is a small cylindrical tube controlling the tire’s airflow. It is located in between the spokes of the tire. It protrudes on the tire for about 1-2 inches.

Some valves do not need tools to take air out of tire.

You can remove the cap from the valve and let it release excess air on its own. You can hear a hissing sound when it starts.

Other Tools You Need to Reduce Tire Pressure Properly


Deflating a tire is possible even without screwdriver. However, using the following tools will ensure you reduce tire pressure properly and safely.

1. Tire Pressure Gauge

A Tire pressure gauge is a tire pressure reading device. Please attach it to the valve before and after deflating a tire to ensure the required pressure range.

For instance, if you are stuck on sand or mud, you can get out of it without a tool by releasing about half the air in the tires.

  • It is best to check the pressure with tire gauge if you have it, and the recommended level is 15 psi (pound per square inch).
  • For tire maintenance purposes, checking the tire pressure monthly is advised. The recommended tire pressure ranges from 32 to 35 psi.

However, it is safest to check the PSI recommendation of the vehicle manufacturer because the front and back tires have different PSI requirements.

2. Lever or Hydraulic jack

A lever or hydraulic jack is a mechanical device used to lift the vehicle while deflating all tires. Look for the jack points of the car to mount it. They are located under your vehicle’s chassis, near the front and back tires.

With machine like a jack stand, the car or truck is safe while you let air out of car tire. Jack stands can support the weight of the vehicle while being lifted by hydraulic jacks.

Should All Four Tires Have the Same PSI?

All tires must have the recommended PSI by the car manufacturer regardless of tire brand. The front and back tires have different ideal PSI because of weight while driving.

The PSI recommendation can be found on the sticker inside the driver’s door. If not, check the vehicle’s manual.

If possible, write down the psi of each car tire so you won’t get confused.

Does Checking Tire Pressure Let Air Out?

Reading the tire pressure with a tire gauge does not let the air out. Instead, the tire pressure gauge has a small knob or plunger at the back part of it to inflate it.

Should You Let Air Out of Hot Tires?

Letting air out of hot tires is unsafe. When tires are inflated by heat, and you release the extra hot pressure, it may cause the tire to blow or catch fire. In this connection, it is advised to stop driving when the tires are too hot to touch and wait for them to cool down overnight or park for at least two hours at gas station.


Knowing how to let air out of a tire with or without tools is a good skill that drivers should not overlook because it can guarantee safe travel and longer service life for tires.

It would be great to invest in a tire pressure gauge to check your tire pressure regularly anywhere.

If you want to know more about the causes of tire overinflation, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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