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how long do cooper tires last

In the tire industry, Cooper is one of the most popular brands worldwide. Sure, Cooper Tires come with modern technologies and features, but is their age limit commendable?

How long do Cooper Tires last? Up until this very date, the tire age of Cooper products ranges from 50,000 to 80,000 km or 31,000 to 49,710 miles. The tire life expectancy of Cooper varies in accordance with the tread type, manner of usage, size, and design.    

Not satisfied yet? We got you covered, as this entire article covers all the things you need to know about Cooper Tires’ longevity, including the Cooper tire warranty and other related stuff. Keep on reading!

How Many Miles Can You Expect From Cooper Tires?


By default, Cooper tires are guaranteed to last from 31,000 up to 49,710 miles. This lifespan is shorter than Cooper Tires mileage warranty (which ranges from 40,000 to 80,000 miles).

This is considered to be pretty decent and ideal for a tire, since the average life of tires is only 50,000 miles in general.  

  • Cooper tires also have impressive tire longevity when they are not being used. When measuring the shelf life of a tire, this brand ensures you that its products will last for 6 years.
  • Cooper also offers a lifetime replacement warranty. It covers free replacement of defective tires that are caused by manufacturing faults. However, there will be a possible additional cost related to taxes and servicing under this warranty.
  • Keep in mind that Cooper highly suggests its consumers to replace tires that have been used for ten years and above, despite how good the tread condition is.

Maintenance Tips for Extending Cooper Tire Lifespan

Whatever tire brand you have, it will surely wear out pretty soon. Fortunately, Cooper provided a checklist of tire maintenance guidelines to help its consumers maximize the lifespan of their Cooper tires.

1. Proper tire inflation


Check the pressure before driving, when the tire is cold, and once a month to ensure there’s no over- or under-inflation.

Use an air machine and set it to the recommended pressure in the car manual, then attach an air pressure gauge to the tire valve. The machine will inflate the rubber the way you want it to.   

2. Do a monthly tire tread check

You should bear in mind that tires with low tread quality will minimize the performance of your tire, and as well as the tire lifespan. So it is highly suggested that you conduct a tire tread check at least on a monthly basis. This step will guarantee your safety too.

3. Tire rotation


Rotate your Cooper Tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. This helps a lot in promoting fuel economy and uniform treadwear.

4. Check if your tires are balanced and your wheels are aligned.

Balanced tires lead to awesome rides as they prevent wobbling. Meanwhile, wheel alignment prevents tire wear. Get professionals to take care of these matters, especially if your car feels unsteady or there’s too much vibration when you drive.

5. Matching replacement tires

When replacing tires, it is recommended to stick to the same features of your original set. Replace at least two tires at the same time, but replacing all four tires is preferable.   

6. Drive responsibly


As much as possible, please avoid over-acceleration and hard braking. These driving habits damage your tires quickly, as they push them to the limit.


Today, we learned how long do Cooper Tires last. With the information above, we can say that Cooper Tires really excel with its mileage coverage and tread life expectancy.  

The strong feature of Cooper tires when it comes to longevity just proves that they are worth the penny of every driver who is looking for long-lasting and durable tires with advanced technologies.

This post is just one of the numerous articles we have already written. We will explore more topics regarding different tire brands, so always stay tuned! Thank you for reading!

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