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hankook vantra vs goodyear endurance

Comparing the Hankook Vantra vs Goodyear Endurance can be a hassle. The Hankook stands out with its superior hydroplaning control and impressive high-speed stability. On the other hand, the Goodyear Endurance shines for its incredible durability and on-road traction.

Below is a short comparison table of the two tires to give you a quick glimpse of their performance and specs.

  Goodyear Endurance Hankook Vantra
Weight Capacity 2,040 lbs – 4080 lbs 1,235 lbs – 2,469 lbs
Wheel Diameter 14 to 16’’ 12 to 16’’
Warranty Highway Auto and Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty Uniformity Warranty for the first year
Dry Conditions Superior Above average
Wet Condition Good Good
Durability Superior Above Average

Comparing Vantra vs. Endurance

1. Hankook Vantra


Hankook introduced the Vantra LT RA18 in 2012, a unique trailer tire renowned for its exceptional durability and stability. Developed with advanced technology, it offers a reinforced belt structure and sidewall design, suitable for drivers who handle heavy loads.

2. Goodyear Endurance

Overview-of-Goodyear-EnduranceFounded in 1898, Goodyear is one of the world’s leading tire brands. Their Endurance model, launched in 2017, is specifically designed for trailers, toy haulers, and campers, emphasizing durability and heavy-load towing capability with its Durawall technology and fabric-steel construction.

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1. Dry Performance

Dry-road -of-Hankook-Vantra-vs-Goodyear-Endurance

The Hankook Vantra RA18 has a reinforced structure and optimized tread design, allowing for better traction on dry pavements. The folded belt-end tape is an element contributing to its steady performance.

The Goodyear Endurance tire also impresses in this category. The symmetric tread design with closely spaced ribs ensures constant rubber-to-road contact. This design results in commendable directional stability to give you more control over the vehicle.

Determining the winning tire in terms of dry performance is a close call, as the Hankook Vantra and Goodyear Endurance both have features that contribute to their performance. However, I would say the Endurance tire has the edge over Hankook.

2. Wet Performance


As an all-season tire, Hankook’s light truck model has longitudinal grooves to evacuate water and shorten braking distances.

The Goodyear Endurance tire, meanwhile, employs an advanced technology named Hydro Grip, which uses polymer compounds for a smooth ride. Hydro Grip ensures a steady hold on slippery surfaces to give drivers peace of mind while commuting in rainy weather.

I would say both are equally impressive. Goodyear and Hankook Vantra trailer tire can be driven on wet roads without fear of hydroplaning.

3. Off-Road

Neither the Hankook Vantra nor the Goodyear Endurance tires are specifically designed for off-road conditions. These tires are primarily for heavy-load towing on highways. You can still drive them on flat dirt terrains, but they do not have any biting capability on mud or sand.

4. Tread Life and Durability


The Hankook Vantra tire is precisely engineered to have an extensive lifespan while handling heavy loads. Its square contact patch allows for an even distribution of pressure, leading to longer tread life and uniform wear under heavy tows.

On the other hand, the Goodyear Endurance tire also boasts excellent durability thanks to its advanced Kevlar construction. This material works with the sidewall scuffs to enhance protection against punctures and extreme temperatures for a longer mileage.

Regarding tread life and durability, both tires are designed to perform well under heavy loads. However, the Goodyear Endurance has a slight edge due to its usage of Kevlar technology, known for its strength and wear resistance.

5. Cost and Value for Money

Auto stores offer the Vantra LT at around ‎$140.99 to $214.99. Popular tire retailers, meanwhile, sell the Goodyear Endurance at around $136.94 to $1228.00. Given the Endurance’s additional features, including its superior dry performance, its higher price is justified.

6. Pros and Cons

Hankook Vantra

  • Commendable dry and wet performance
  • Can handle heavy loads
  • More affordable
  • Not for off-roading

Goodyear Endurance

  • Better dry performance with excellent wet traction
  • Higher load range
  • More durable construction
  • Has a higher price tag

Which One to Opt?


The Goodyear Endurance has the edge over the Hankook Vantra. Goodyear’s tire possesses superior dry performance that the Vantra is lacking. Kevlar technology allows for more excellent wear resistance and durability compared to the Vantra.

However, the Hankook Vantra RA18 is not a tire to disregard. Its strong wet surface performance and low rolling resistance make it a solid choice for those traveling in rainy conditions. The Vantra’s construction and design result in a long-lasting tire even under heavy loads.

Things to Consider When Buying the Right Tire

Here are five helpful tips to assist you in finding the best trailer tires.

1. Assess Your Typical Driving Conditions 

The Endurance excels in wet conditions and dry roads. Meanwhile, the Vantra ST01 performs slightly worse on dry surfaces. Understanding the conditions you’ll be driving in often can help you make the best choice. Trailer tire reviews, including this one, lets you know which of the two brands offers better performance.

2. Consider Your Load Needs 

If you’re frequently hauling heavy loads, you may benefit from a tire specifically designed for this purpose, like the Goodyear Endurance. If weight is not a problem, the Hankook is a better choice.

3. Tire Warranty and Manufacturer Reputation 

Before making a purchase, consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer. This can be a good indicator of the tire’s quality and the confidence the manufacturer has in their product. Of course, both Goodyear and Hankook are popular brands with a strong reputation.

4. Familiarize Yourself with the Market Price 

Tires can be a significant investment, so knowing the market price of the models you’re considering is essential. This will not only ensure that you’re getting a fair deal, but it can also help you identify any special offers or discounts that might make one option more economically attractive than the other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hankook Tires any good?

Hankook is a South Korean tire company and the 7th largest company in its sector across the globe. Their trailer tires, especially the Vantra RA18, offer reliable performance when handling heavy cargo.

Where are Hankook Vantra tires made?

Vantra tires are made in Hankook factories across China, Indonesia, Germany, Japan, the US, and Hungary. Hankook’s technical centers are also found in Asia.


To conclude our Hankook Vantra vs Goodyear Endurance comparison, the latter is the winner. From superior durability with Kevlar technology to a symmetric tread for stability, the Endurance is superior to the Vantra light truck tire.

Note that the Vantra is still a good choice due to its low price and advanced construction for all-season trailers. Hankook is one of the reliable Goodyear competitors that offer reliable trailer tires.

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