Dunlop American Elite Tire Review: Is It Worth Buying?


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dunlop american elite tire review

Dunlop tires are among the best in the automotive market. This long-standing industry giant has consistently pumped out the best tires for vehicles worldwide. However, does its motorcycle touring tire, the Dunlop American Elite Motorcycle Tire, perform as expected?

Let’s find out in this Dunlop American Elite Tire Review. Join us as we’ll look at Dunlop’s iteration of their touring tire and see if it’s worth it based on performance and price.



During its inception in 1896 by John Boyd Dunlop (the inventor of the pneumatic tire), Dunlop was registered as Byrne Brothers India Rubber Company, Ltd. However, four years later, it became Dunlop Rubber Company.

The company started off producing cycle tires but eventually focused on automotive vehicles. This pivot has allowed them to raise Dunlop tire ratings and even become one of the world’s top premium tire manufacturers, along with notable companies like Michelin and Bridgestone.

In 1920, Dunlop started its motorcycle manufacturing wing in Buffalo, New York with a conviction to give state-of-the-art technologies to motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

After a century’s worth of experience, this dedication has now culminated into our featured motorcycle tire, the Dunlop American Elite. Let’s talk more about it.

Dunlop American Elite Features


The American Elite is a tire developed by Dunlop that specifically caters to the American market, particularly as a replacement for most Harley Davidson motorcycles, including classic ones. However, it also has sizes available for Indian and Victory motorcycles.

Right off the bat, it’s clear that the brand places a heavy emphasis on stability and tire mileage. For starters, the Dunlop American Elite rear tire comes equipped with MT Multi-Tread technology, which considerably enhances durability.

Moreover, it’s also a very capable all-around tire, with enhancements in many areas, such as stability, handling, and wet performance, even rivaling one of Michelin’s premier touring tires in a Dunlop American Elite vs Michelin Commander 2 matchup.

Not only that, but it also trumps its contemporaries from Dunlop as well. The model remedies various issues from other Dunlop tires. For instance, one of the Dunlop Elite 4 was its lack of noise mitigation, while the Dunlop Elite 3 lacked durability.

Lastly, for aesthetic purposes, it also comes in blackwall, wide-white, and narrow-white wall variants for some added customizability, which is always welcome in motorcycle tires.

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1. Wet performance

The tires performed considerably well on cold, wet surfaces, even at temperatures as low as 55 degrees. Wet grip was excellent all throughout, enhanced by top-tier aquaplaning resistance from its deep water-ejection treads.

2. Dry performance

When it came to dry performance, the tire was superb. Leaning felt confident and easy, and the Dunlop American Elite front tire stayed straight and steady even after long stretches of road.

I was even surprised by its tight and responsive cornering capabilities, which is usually the main issue with bulky cruiser tires.

3. Mileage & Maintenance

Dunlop’s Multi-Tread technology contributes to the Dunlop American Elite’s durability, especially at the center where road stress usually occurs. This allows the tire to traverse any type of weather with relative ease and longevity.

However, like all motorcycle tires, your tire’s mileage also largely depends on maintenance, like maintaining correct tire pressure, as well as how you use them.

For instance, the 130/90B16 size loads a maximum of 677 pounds at 41 psi, while the MT90B16 option is rated for 783 pounds at 40 psi.

With adequate maintenance, riders have reported getting around 10,000 to 20,000 miles out of the American Elite tires.

4. Comfort

The Dunlop American Elite is arguably one of the most comfortable cruiser tires out there. Vibrations from bumps and potholes were mitigated well, while noise was relatively non-existent, apart from during sudden road changes.

5. Price and Warranty

For prices in larger sizes like a rear Dunlop American Elite 180/55B18, a purchase can set you back $356.95. Meanwhile, for smaller sizes, like a Dunlop American Elite MT90B16, it’s a little cheaper at $308.95.

At the same time, Dunlop motorcycle tires are eligible for service under warranty for up to 6 years from their date of manufacture. However, make sure to frequent shops that support Dunlop American Elite goods and services.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent wet and dry performance
  • Outstanding mileage
  • Comfortable ride and quiet
  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dunlop a good tire?

Yes. Dunlop has been a consistent contender for one of the best tire makers in the market for everyday drivers and enthusiasts alike. They also have a wide variety of tires, from affordable to more premium ones. In case some find Dunlop Elite 4 problems, it might be due to choosing the wrong type or size.

Can I use different tire brands on my motorcycle?

Actually, yes. However, it’s not recommended by manufacturers. Tires are specifically made to perform in pairs, and a mixed tire combo can compromise your motorcycle’s performance and even safety.


I hope this Dunlop American Elite Tire review has shed some important knowledge on this instant American classic. If you ride a Harley, these tires are certainly worth considering, as they deliver exceptional performance, mileage, and comfort, despite their steep price point.

It’s definitely safe to say that the American Elite is one of the best tires out there. Dunlop has proven itself once again as one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers worldwide, and this tire is a testament to that distinction.

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