How Much Is a Tire Rotation at Discount Tire? (2023 Update)


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how much is a tire rotation at discount tire

Car maintenance is an essential aspect of owning a vehicle. Tire rotations are one of them, which you can get at all Discount Tire stores.

So, how much is a tire rotation at Discount Tire?

Tire rotations at Discount Tire costs around $15. Also, if you need a Discount Tire wheel balance or tire rotation for the tires bought from them, it’s free.

Go to any Discount Tire stores, and you’re all set and ready. So, now you know the service price for a tire rotation at Discount Tire.

How Much is a Discount Tire Tire Rotation Cost?


In most stores, the tire rotation service fee is about $24-$50. Some auto shops might even charge you upwards of $120. You usually pay with how much additional services you’re getting.

You’ll get a slightly lower price at $15 per tire in a Discount Tire shop. However, if you purchase your tires there, you’ll get free rotations for the tires.

Promos like these are usually the case as well in other auto-shops. But, the $15 price at Discount Tires is still substantially better than the more expensive price points.

You also have the option of using a coupon when you want to get lower prices on other services. So, save those coupons and get more services at a budget-friendly price.

Does Discount Tire Rotate Tires for Free?

What’s better than a cheap tire rotation? A free one! Through various Discount Tire services, you’ll get them at no additional charge.

If you bought your tires or wheels at Discount Tire, they’d offer you a free tire rotation or balance. Even buying new wheels should cost less.

Just bring your vehicle there and follow some instructions, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to bring your receipt for some extra proof that you bought your tires at Discount Tire.

Can I rotate tires myself?

Yes, But before rotating those tires at home, you should know whether your tires are classified as directional or non-directional tires.

  • Directional – These tires have a unique “one-way” tread pattern that encourages the wheel to spin in one direction. Each one is tailored specifically to the left or right side of the car.

Switching your front tires with your rear tires and vice versa is the way to rotate directional tires. The tires you exchange must be on the same side.

  • Non-directional – Tires with no directional characteristics can be installed on any side of the car, enabling you to rotate your tires in any direction.

Instead of rotating a directional tire with the same side pattern, you should employ a criss-cross pattern when rotating a non-directional tire.

Steps to Rotate Tires Yourself


Tools needed:

  • Tire iron
  • Car Jack
  • Jack stands (Concrete blocks or bricks can be used as an alternative)

Step 1: To maintain safety throughout the procedure, make sure that you apply the parking brake.

Step 2: On your wheels, remove all of the lug nuts. Doing this makes removal simpler when your car is raised,

Step 3: With a jack, elevate your car and use jack stands or blocks to maintain its raised position. Then, repeat on the other sides and rotate according to a tire’s directional or non-directional characteristic.

Some people use four jacks to lift their car off the ground completely, but I don’t recommend this because it can lead to accidents.

Step 4: Upon completion. Slowly descend your car while ensuring that all the lug nuts are secured as tightly as possible. You’re done at that point!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I opt for a tire rotation in Discount Tire?

Discount Tire recommends always opting for a Discount tire free rotation every 6,000-8,000 miles. Doing this ensures that your wheels are in excellent shape and wear evenly.

While you’re there, consider also balancing your wheels or checking your tire pressure so you’ll get the most out of your tire maintenance needs.

However, the best way is to still check your owner’s manual for more accurate information.

Can I do tire rotations by myself?

The short answer is yes. Tire rotations can be an essential part of personal car maintenance. Not only would this save you money, but it can expand your knowledge on how to take care of your car correctly.

How long does a tire rotation take?

Tire rotations won’t take much from your day. Typical tire rotations without complications should only take about an hour at auto shops. However, if you do tire rotations by yourself, it could take a bit longer than usual, depending on your car maintenance skills.

How long can you go without a tire rotation?

Most tire manufacturers recommend rotating your tire every six months or every 7,500 miles of distance. Doing this ensures your tires are in optimal shape, so performance is not compromised.

What happens if I don’t rotate my tires?

Typically, tires can last 60,000 miles of travel, provided they are well maintained and away from hazards like sharp objects or rough roads.

If you neglect tire rotations from your service maintenance, the uneven wear and tear could cause your tires to lose 17% of their life, roughly 10,000 miles.

Worn tires can also pose a danger when driving. The lack of traction can severely affect your handling, especially on wet surfaces. Drive safer, and don’t forget to rotate your tires.


To sum it up, tire rotations are a cheap and highly effective car maintenance method. Moreover, there isn’t a downside to doing them; the most you can lose is an hour of your time.

Tire rotations stretch the life of your tires and make for safer driving conditions on the road. So take an hour or two out of your weekend to do them yourself. Or, make a trip to Discount Tire for a pro to do it for you.

Either way, you can’t lose with tire rotations. I hope this article has shed some light on the itching question, “how much is a tire rotation at Discount Tire?”

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