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bf goodrich vs cooper tires

Picking the right tire might mean deciding between BF Goodrich vs Cooper tires. BF Goodrich stands out for its top-notch performance, especially on rough roads. In contrast, Cooper Tires is loved for its durable and budget-friendly options.

Here is a table to give you an idea of how two these brands compare to each other:

  BF Goodrich Cooper Tires
Performance Superior Above Average
Tire Variety Average Above Average
Durability Above Average Superior
Ride Comfort Average Better
Cost Higher Lower

Continue reading our Cooper Tires vs BF Goodrich article to know which brand can meet your needs.

About BF Goodrich


BF Goodrich tires have been around since 1870, getting its start in America. It gained popularity for introducing radial tires to the U.S. market. These days, the company makes tires that perform well on tough terrains and in high-speed conditions.

  • Reliable traction on wet and snowy roads
  • Consistently good quality tires for off-road conditions
  • Good UTQG ratings
  • Limited tire variety
  • Poor road comfort

About Cooper Tires


Cooper Tires started in 1914 in Ohio, originally making tire repair kits. Now, they make all kinds of tires for SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles, with subsidiaries manufacturing products for motorcycles and race cars.

  • Dependable dry and wet performance
  • Decent road comfort
  • Superior tire durability
  • Limited tire variety
  • Lacking in off-road traction

Which Brand is Better?

1. Performance


A good way to gauge the performance of both brands is through a tire comparison.

We start by looking at BF Goodrich’s Trail Terrain vs. Cooper Discoverer AT3, two of the brand’s off-road tires.

  • The Trail Terrain has the upper hand with its sidewall lugs and shoulder ribs, allowing the BF Goodrich off-terrain tire to get a better grip on sandy surfaces and rocky terrains.
  • The Discoverer AT3 4S did not achieve the same traction on sand and rock as BF Goodrich’s tire, but it performed better on mud.

We can see the performance difference between the two brands if we compare their high-performance designs: the Cooper Zeon RS3 G1 vs. BF Goodrich G-Force COMP-2 A/S.

  • Cooper’s Zeon RS3 uses a special coupled silica tread compound for superior dry and wet traction.
  • Meanwhile, the G-Force Comp-2 features directional treads and squared-off shoulders for wet and dry grip.
  • According to tires review, the BF Goodrich and Cooper performance tires have nearly the same traction on dry roads. However, the G-Force COMP-2 A/S shows BF Goodrich’s strength by having better wet and winter performance.

The winner by a slight margin is BF Goodrich if you consider both brands’ performance in dry, wet, and off-road conditions.

2. Tire variety


BF Goodrich offers fewer tires at the moment, with only 14 options to choose from. This lack of variety can be limiting for drivers who want more choices to fit their specific needs.

Whether you’re driving a sedan or a heavy-duty truck, the limited selection might not offer the perfect match for every condition.

Cooper Tires also has its limitations, offering just 23 tire designs. While this is more than BF Goodrich, it’s still not a wide array compared to other big names in the industry.

Based on numbers alone, Cooper is the clear winner here. Please note that other brands, like Goodyear and Michelin tires, easily beat both of these companies regarding their tire variety.

3. Durability


Regarding durability, UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grading) scores can tell us a lot.

  • For BF Goodrich, the treadwear ratings range from as low as 40 for their G-Force R1 to as high as 740 for their Advantage T/A Sport LT (with a speed rating of T).

Most of their tires get a temperature grade of “A” or “B,” which means they’re fairly durable but may not be the longest-lasting options.

  • Are Coopers good tires with better UTQG? The brand edges out in higher treadwear grades. For example, their Cooper CS5 Grand Touring has a treadwear grade of 780 and a temperature grade of “B.”

Most Cooper tires have temperature grades of “A” and “B,” so they’re similar to Goodrich in this regard.

Given the UTQG ratings, Cooper Tires has the upper hand, especially considering the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tire. Its high treadwear grade promises durability on the road.

4. Ride comfort


We can gauge the comfort level of the two brands by comparing another off-road tire: Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek vs. BF Goodrich KO2.

The BF Goodrich KO2 can give a bit of a rough ride. It’s great for off-roading but doesn’t have any way of stopping the vibrations from imperfections of the road.

As for the Cooper Rugged Trek, people like how it handles a variety of terrains but still keeps things smooth. You’re in for a less bumpy experience, whether off-road or on the highway. It seems to absorb the little road imperfections better, thanks to its soft treads.

5. Cost

If you visit a local tire dealership, you will see Cooper Tires costing you around $100 to $200. Meanwhile, BF Goodrich has an average price range of $130 to $600.

The cost difference between the two shows the two brands’ different goals. Cooper is aiming at high-quality tires with affordable prices, while BF Goodrich is making dependable off-road rubber. In this category, Cooper is in the lead.

BF Goodrich or Cooper Tires?


After considering performance, tire variety, durability, and ride comfort, BF Goodrich comes out ahead by a small margin.

While Cooper offers a more comfortable ride and slightly more tire designs, BF Goodrich excels in off-road and high-performance categories. Their products also show strength in wet and winter conditions.


To conclude our BF Goodrich vs Cooper tires debate, the former is the winner based on their consistent performance. Cooper is still a considerable contender if you are looking for a reliable tire with high comfort and durability. Its price is an advantage as well.

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