Common Framework


The Common Framework on Transport, Sustainable Development and Climate Change spells out a common narrative for the transport sector that brings together improved access with economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Action and investment in sustainable mobility require a unified vision and a clear set of goals. Our vision is to ensure sustainable mobility for all (SuM4All). To achieve this vision, five goals are proposed:

The 5 goals are essential, enabling contributions to both the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Paris Climate Agreement. These goals are universal and global in character. It is important to understand and acknowledge the different pathways for developed and developing countries to realize the goals.

Progress on these goals needs to be measured in a transparent, accountable way. A rigorous Global Tracking Framework, with country-level indicators for mobility access, efficiency, safety, climate responsiveness and air quality should be developed. This framework would help assessing progress on those 5 goals, including the commitments in the post-2015 agenda and the Paris agreement. While some of the individual components are in place a comprehensive framework and reporting mechanism is currently missing.

Progress on these goals from the international community will improve the lives of billions of people across the world—in terms of health, environment, access to economic opportunities, quality of life—and help stabilize climate change over the long term.

The further development of the Common Framework will focus on discussing: