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are continental tires quiet

Are Continental tires quiet? Generally, Continental tires are definitely one of the most premium brands out there, and it’s safe to say that most of their products are incredibly quiet and comfortable.

However, like many tires, noise levels vary widely depending on the noise reduction technology a tire is equipped with. So, let’s find out what makes Continental tires so quiet and comfortable.

How Quiet Are Continental Tires


Continental is among the quietest tires in the market, especially the ones from their all-season tires family, like the PureContact LS. From expert reviews to various consumer reports, many people attest to their noise reduction.

But why do tires make noise in the first place? To find out what Continental does to mitigate these annoying rumbles from our set of rubbers, let’s go over a few factors that lead to tire noises.

  1. Between the tire treads lie distinct grooves that form gaps. As you move at high speeds, the air gets in through these grooves and is then compressed—and thus, noise is created.
  2. Uneven treadwear will result in excessive vibration, which is responsible for unpleasant noises.
  3. Alignment issues have a deep droning noise, while a bad wheel bearing has a grinding sound.

So, how does Continental silence tires? It all comes down to technology. It’s no secret that premium tires have state-of-the-art technologies under their belt that make them perform optimally, as well as improve noise reduction and comfort.

The German brand does this through its proprietary Continental ContiSilent technology, which reduces road noise levels by as much as 9 decibels, which we’ll talk more about below.

Noise-reduction Technology in Continental Tires


As mentioned above, technology plays a huge role in making Continental tires quiet. So, here’s a lowdown on how the Continental ContiSilent technology does its magic. And you’ll be surprised how tires with foam inside can be so effective.

So, what is ContiSilent technology?

This innovation features polyurethane foam inside the tire tread. This absorber effectively dampens and cushions the vibrations caused by the tire grooves and, in turn, reduces noise ratings.

The best part is because of how the foam tires are strategically placed inside the treads, they don’t affect performance at all. They even offer a bonus job of adding protection from inclement weather, making them more than just noise-canceling tires.

Moreover, some Continental tires combine this technology with other tech as well. For instance, the PureContact LS has ComfortRide Technology, which lines the tire with a special compound to single out road vibrations from entering the cabin—giving you one of the smoothest riding tires out there.

How Does Continental Tires Compare With Other Brands?


If you’re someone who values comfort most of all, well, we don’t blame you. Hums and growls can be incredibly distracting, especially during long drives. But what about other brands? How can they compare against Continental?

We’ve created a list of tires for road noise and see how each fares against the other. For more consistent results, we’ll compare the kings of ride comfort grand touring all-season tires from different brands.

So, we compared the PureContact LS, the Michelin Premier A/S, and the Yokohama AVID Ascend GT.

  1. Based on our tests, these three tires performed superbly, although the AVID Ascend GT was not as good as the other two.
  2. Meanwhile, the PureContact LS and the Michelin Premier A/S were definitely tied in terms of comfort. These silent tires certainly do their job when it counts, and that’s when you’re driving through long highways.
  3. Not only that, but the tires are also very responsive and tight, particularly the Pure Contact LS, giving it a much more confident feel overall.


So, in the end, are Continental tires quiet? Yes, they are, and it would be remiss not to get tires from such a premium brand like Continental. From integrating foam technology to special compounds, these tires bring luxury and comfort to any vehicle.

Acoustic tires have been one of the most sought-after tires due to their ride quality, and Continental definitely hits the nail on the head with their ContiSilent and ComfortRide technologies. If you need something quiet, don’t think twice with a Continental.

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