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who makes corsa tires

Car tires are one of the most essential parts of a vehicle. Several brands manufacture tires that come in varying dimensions and specifications to fit every type of vehicle and the road terrain it is meant to withstand.

Who makes Corsa Tires? The company making them is Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk (MASA), an Indonesian tire manufacturing firm contracted by the owner of the Corsa Tires brand, Omni United. Let’s take a further look at MASA and its history.

All about the Corsa Tires manufacturer


PT Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk, also known as MASA, is a company based in Indonesia that focuses on producing car tires for both two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles under the Achilles and Corsa brands, in partnership with Omni United.

1. Rise to fame in Indonesia

Taking advantage of its factory firms and modern technology in Indonesia, MASA gained recognition and assistance from some of Europe’s most prestigious tire manufacturing firms, specifically from Italy and Germany.

2. Michelin Acquisition

In 2019, MASA’s Controlling Shareholders announced that Michelin, one of the most famous car tire brands in the world, acquired almost 100% of the Company’s shares, effectively bringing MASA under the Michelin umbrella.

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3. Accreditation and recognition

In a relatively short time, MASA has successfully established its brand in Indonesia and several other countries, receiving major accolades such as ISO Certifications for Quality Management System, coupled with strong local and international sales.

4. Where Corsa Tires are made

Corsa Tires are manufactured in MASA’s factories in Indonesia, while some tires are manufactured directly from Omni United’s factories in Singapore, utilizing their topnotch production methods that are ISO Certified.

Product offering


Corsa Tires offer various tires that are designed for specific terrains and weather conditions. Focusing on designing the highest quality tires without compromising its prices, here are some of Corsa’s offerings:

1. Corsa All Terrain Tires

  • The Corsa All Terrain Tires is designed to be used for everyday driving, with features that ensure maximum comfort and handling on typical road conditions.
  • The tire tread is constructed from a sturdy rubber compound with a deep and multi-angled tread edge, durable enough to withstand light off-road terrains.
  • Its stone ejector ribs ensure stones do not stick to the tire, preventing penetration on the tire rubber.
  • Featuring a unique pattern to remove water from beneath as it moves, ensuring maximum grip and handling on wet terrains.

2. Corsa Highway Terrain Plus

  • The Corsa Highway Terrain Plus is built specifically for SUVs and trucks, designed to ensure a smooth drive on highways.
  • The tire features symmetrical tread patterns that ensure sufficient grip and traction when driving along dry road surfaces.
  • Its longitudinal grooves help repel water during rainy weather and minimize aquaplaning.
  • All-season tires feature multiple sipes for added grip on slippery terrains caused by ice and melting snow.

Corsa Tires also come with their disadvantages. With only a limited presence in the market and most of its tires not exactly ideal for certain weather and road conditions, here are some of the downsides with purchasing Corsa Tires:

Not the best tire choice for severe weather or road conditions

Corsa Tires are designed to be all-terrain, but they cannot withstand immense conditions such as heavy rains, thick muds and piles of snow. In places with these frequent occurrences, Corsa Tires may not be the most viable option.

Limited Information about Warranty

Not much is known about Corsa Tires’ warranty policies. Aside from having a 40,000-mileage warranty, no other information is provided about other aspects such as the materials, workmanship, and how many years the warranty will stand.

In case of an emergency, it may be difficult to make a case for a replacement with Corsa Tires, especially since only the 40,000-mile warranty is known, which in itself is a difficult claim to prove.

While Corsa Tires does have its downside, it is far outweighed by its advantages. The areas where Corsa Tires underperform are not a frequent occurrence, thus making it a solid choice for the everyday driving conditions.

Corsa tire feedback

Being a relatively new tire brand, customers often ask the question: are Corsa Tires any good?

To take a look at a recent Corsa Tires review, we can notice how buyers agree that it is a high-performance yet affordable tire.

The ideal tire for typical road conditions  

Corsa Tires are good for the typical driving conditions, such as a dry and wet road, combined with a light off-road terrain.

The tires’ center rib and interconnecting tie bars make the steering response and overall handling possible, perfect for steep turns, especially on a tight road.

Sustainable Efforts

MASA and Omni United have made efforts to ensure that Corsa Tires are manufactured using various programs and technologies to be well-sustained.

Omni United has also donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to aid in the fight against breast cancer.

High-quality tires without compromising on price

Corsa Tires come in several dimensions and varieties. Retail stores stock Corsa Tires for around $120 to $180 on the All Terrain Tires and $60 to $175 for the Highway Terrain Plus tires.

Considering the market for larger vehicles and rising inflation, having a competitive price point is critical.

Where to find Corsa Tires

While there is no dedicated Corsa Tires website, Corsa Tires are available for purchase on sites such as:

  • Discount Tire
  • Simple Tire

Corsa Tires are also available through various tire dealers and shops across multiple countries.

Corsa All Terrain and Highway Terrain tires are some of the best-selling Corsa Tires. Based on customer reviews, the Corsa Highway Terrain Plus is the most rated tire in the catalog, averaging a 4.4-star review.


Corsa Tires may be a relatively new tire brand, but it has quickly established its brand not only in Indonesia and Singapore but across the world with its high-quality tires designed to provide maximum comfort and handling without compromising the price.

We hope that this post has given insights on Corsa Tires and MASA, the company who makes Corsa Tires. Given its history and product offerings, Corsa Tires is a brand worth considering for those on a tight budget.

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