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There are tire giants around the world that have proven themselves in the industry for decades and counting. The innovative qualities that their products offer speak volumes about the companies’ innovation and dedication to customers.

Just to name one, Atlas Tires is one of the pioneers in terms of manufacturing tires with unique and beneficial features. If you want to learn more about the Atlas brand, including who makes Atlas tires and other related questions, take time to read on and discover the answers for yourself.

Who Makes Atlas Tires?


Standard Oil Co, founded by John D. Rockefeller, is the company who sells Atlas tires back during its humble beginnings in the year 1930 throughout the United States.

This changed in the year 2009, when Linglong Americas Inc., U.S. bought and acquired the company, then made it more popular globally.

Up to this very date, Shandong Linglong, the parent company of Linglong, is the answer to who manufactures and who own Atlas tires.

Atlas Tires History


It all started back in 1930, the year when Atlas tires was born. At this point, Atlas tires was originally owned by Standard Oil Co.

The company’s name was based on the Greek God Atlas, who is believed to bear the heavens in Greek mythology. This is a symbolism of how Atlas tires claim to carry the safety of the driver and the vehicle.

Despite producing products with excellent features, Atlas tires experienced difficulty against its competitors with big names. Plus, only a few people owned cars during that time. Luckily, Team TBA acquired ownership of Atlas tires during the 1990’s and gave the brand a push in the market.

Recently, in 2017, Tire Group International L.L.C. (TGI) bought Atlas tires’ distribution rights, making it the sole Atlas tire distributor in the US. TGI is behind the success of the company in the US market due to its effective endorsement strategies.

Right now, Atlas tires is at its peak, thanks to the hard work of Linglong Americas Inc., U.S. So if you’re asking who’s responsible for previous Atlas designs such as the Atlas Batman tires, Shandong Linglong is the answer.

Where Are Atlas Tires Made?

Where are Atlas tires manufactured? Due to Linglong Americas Inc.,U.S. being the brand’s owner since 2015, Atlas tires are purely made in China and Thailand.

This made the materials used in the production more affordable, so it’s no surprise why Atlas tires are budget-friendly.

The products are distributed in different tire shops internationally (most notably in the US). If you go on the brand’s website, you’ll see Atlas tire center locations in many states, such as Ohio, Georgia, and Texas.

Advantages of Atlas Tires


In general, Atlas tires never failed to impress us with these features that are always included in all the products they put out, namely:

1. Affordability

Atlas price ranges between $50-$150, which is an attractive cost for quality tires with desirable attributes compared with its competitors.

2. Longevity

Estimates-wise, Atlas tires have a minimum mileage of 40,000 miles, with 70,000 as their maximum longevity period.

3. Variety

In terms of availability, Atlas tires products come in different sizes, categories, and types of tires for various uses.

4. Warranty

The company offers a 50,000 mile coverage warranty on almost every tire you buy. This is already a long enough period to compensate for economic losses in case something bad happens with your purchased Atlas tires.

5. Innovation

Atlas tires always have new technology to offer, which keeps on improving as time goes by, thanks to a group of professional engineers who keep on inventing updated and advanced compound formulas to improve tire performance.

6. Comfortability

Say no to distracting noises and harsh ride quality while driving even at fast-speeds with Atlas tires.

7. Traction

Grip performance of Atlas tires products are amazing even in different climate conditions, including when used off-roads. These tires are reactive and enable good steering for better control.

Latest Atlas Tires Catalog

Here is an overview of the list of the latest tires under Atlas. This includes Atlas truck tires, passenger tires, and SUV tires.

1. Summer Tires



  • Green HP
  • SportGreen2
  • SportGreen3

Light Truck


  • Green Van 2



  • SportGreen3
  • SportGreen SUV2

2. Winter Tires



  • Polarbear HP
  • Polarbear UHP
  • Polarbear UHP2
  • Polarbear UHP3

Light Truck


  • Polarbear Van2



  • Polarbear SUV2
  • Polarbear SUV3

3. All Season Tires

Passenger, 4×4/SUV


  • Green 4S
  • Green3 4S

Light Truck


  • Green Van 4S


No matter what company of tire we cover, all have advantages of their own. For Atlas tires, the brand has a pretty interesting history and deserves the recognition it gets today. It is indeed a great choice for drivers who are into affordable, innovative, and comfortable tires with a decent warranty.

Take your time to fully decide and go ahead to your nearest Atlas tire shop if you’re finally convinced to give the brand a try.

That’s about it with this article regarding who makes Atlas tires. I hope you learned a lot from this post.

Have a great day!

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