Transport Day 2015

About Transport Day 2015

Following up the success of Transport Day 2014 in Lima, Peru, the Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT Partnership), together with Bridging the Gap Initiative (BtG Initiative), and the Michelin Challenge Bibendum (MCB) will organize a Transport Day in 2015 on Sunday December 6th, 2015, in the context of COP 21 in Paris, France.

Confirmed Transport Day 2015 Speakers and Panelists

Program for Transport Day 2015

The venue for Transport Day 2015 is the International Union of Railway (UIC) Headquarter in Paris, France. The full day event will bring international experts on transport and climate change to discuss the contribution sustainable, low carbon transport can make to climate change discussions. A brief look at the program for the day:

08:30 – 09:00: Registration
Moderator: Pat Cox, Former President European Parliament
09:00 – 09:30: Welcome and Introductory Remarks
  • Jean Pierre Loubinoux, Director General, International Union of Railways
  • Michael Replogle, Chairman SLoCaT Foundation, Deputy Transport Commissioner Policy New York City
  • Jean Dominique Senard, Chief Executive Officer Michelin
  • Janos Pasztor, Assistant Secretary-General on Climate Change
09:30 – 09:45: Post-LPAA Transport Focus & Action Day – A new momentum for collaborative actions towards ambitious transformations
Cornie Huizenga, SLoCaT Partnership and Patrick Oliva, Michelin Challenge Bibendum (PPMC coordinators will present Summary of the December 3 LPPA Transport Focus and Action Day commitments and declarations as well as the objectives of Transport Day 2015
09:45 – 10:45: Vision for an efficient, largely decarbonized transport sector by 2050
7 High Level Representatives from industry, government, civil society and the finance world will explore in a structured dialogue what a rapidly decarbonizing transport sector could look like by 2050. Statements, which will have a 2050 time horizon, will challenge participants in their thinking on what could be done and introduce some elements of disruptive rather than linear change.

  • Laura Tuck, Vice President of Sustainable Development, World Bank
  • Isbrand HoManaging Director, BYD Company limited
  • Barbara Dalibard, Chief Executive Officer of SNCF Voyages
  • Franzjosef Schafhausen, Head of the Directorate-General on Climate Policy, European and International Policy, BMUB
  • Henri Poupart-Lafarge, President of Alstom Transport
  • Manoella Wilbaut, Vice President, Customer Solutions and Innovation, DHL
  • Robin Chase, co-founder Zipcar, Vienam
10:45 – 11:00: Coffee break
11:00 – 11:30: What are the challenges that passenger and freight transport will face in significantly decarbonizing by 2050
4 High Level Experts from the fields of technology, policy, and finance will provide a reality check on where we are in realizing the 2050 vision and what main barriers need to be overcome.
  • Jose Viegas, Secretary General, International Transport Forum
  • Martin Koers, Director Economy and Climate Protection Policy, Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA)
  • Jorge Kogan, Senior Advisor to the Vice President of Infrastructure, Development Bank of Latin America
  • Marie-Claude Dupuis, Director of Strategy – RATP
11:30 – 12:45: Break-out Sessions – From ambitious visions to concrete and immediate actions
Seven break-out sessions will review status quo and required actions on technology, policy, finance, and eco-system to make headway in advancing ambitious action on transport and climate change. All six sessions will be required to include both mitigation/adaptation and address specific circumstances of developed and /developing countries in their discussions and where relevant combine mitigation with adaptation.Transport and Adaptation to Climate Change: Impacts Policy and Finance (205 room):

  • George Georgiadis, Secretary to the Inland Transport Committee, UNECE
  • Michael Woods, Head of Operations and Management Research, RSSB
  • Raffaello Cervigni, Lead Environment Economist, Africa Region , WB
  • Aage Jorgensen, Country Program Manager, NDF
  • Stein Hansen, Consultant, NDF
  • Nancy Vandycke, Lead Economist, World Bank
  • Jan Brooke, Focal Point, Think Climate navigation infrastructure coalition, PIANC

People Power: Walking and cycling in low-carbon transport systems(List room):

  • Saul Billingsley, Director General, FIA Foundation
  • Cllr. Christine Walters, Mayoral committee member for Transportation, Johannesburg
  • Holger Dalkmann, Director, Embarq
  • Bernard Ensink, Secretary General of European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) and World Cycling Alliance (WCA)
  • Bronwen Thornton, Development Director, Walk21
  • Lew Fulton, Co-Director, STEPS Program, Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis

Business models for modern, inclusive, low-carbon mobility and transport (Stephenson room):

  • Andrew McKellar, Secretary General for Mobility, FIA
  • Stacy Swann, Climate Finance Adviser, GIZ TRANSfer Project_SLoCaT Partnership
  • Nicolas Estupinan, Senior Transport Specialist, CAF – Development Bank for Latin America
  • Adalberto Maluf, Manager BYD Co. Ltd, Brazil 
  • Clayton Lane, CEO Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP), USA

Low Carbon Urban Transport – success factors for planning and implementation in a multi-level governance context (302 room):

  • Vera Scholz, Head of Department Climate, Environment, Infrastructure
  • Sherielysse Bonifacio, Assistant Secretary for Planning and Finance, Department of Transportation and Communications,  Philippines
  • Mael Martinie, MobiliseYourCity Initiative, CODATU
  • Placido Hernandez Aguilar, Head of Cities Sector, C5, EC DEVCO
  • Atnafseged Kifle Demeke, Advisor for the state minister of Transport, Ethiopia 
  • Karen Vancluysen, Secretary General, Polis Network

The Role of Fuel Efficiency for Transport Modes in achieving the 1.5º/2ºC Objective (203 room):

  • Sophie Punte, Executive Director, Smart Freight Centre
  • Glynda Bathan, Deputy Executive Director, Clean Air Asia
  • Philippe de Carné, Vice-President Innovation, Geodis
  • Sheila Watson, Director of Environment and Research , Global Fuel Economy Initiative
  • Jos Dings, Director, Transport and Environment

Electrifying Road Transport (Louis Armand room-plenary):

  • Yoshi Hayashi, President of WCTRS, Nagoya
  • Jacob Teter, Energy Analyst, IEA
  • Drew Kodjak, Executive Director, ICCT
  • Denis Naberezhnykh, Head of Low Carbon Vehicle and ITS technology, TRL
  • Patrick Jochem, Senior Researcher, KIT
  • Alexis Gazzo, Partner, Ernst and Young

Contribution of Rail in Mitigating Climate Change(305 room):

  • Gunnar Heipp, Head of Strategic Planning, Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft
  • Shri Prakash, Distinguished Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
  • Barry Howe, Director – Smart/Sustainable Transportation, ALSTOM
  • Jiri Hofman, Technical Advisor, Skoda Transportation
  • Shewangizaw Kifle, Chief Officer, Infrastructure Asset Management Department, Ethiopian Railways Corporation
  • Philippe Citroen, Director General, UNIFE
12:45 – 13:45: ‘Sunday’ Lunch
13:45 -14:15: Break-out sessions key learnings and suggestions for initiatives
Moderated discussion on the highlights from break-out sessions with representatives from the Break-out sessions
14:15 – 14:45: Sustainable Transport Action Announcements
Thirty minutes of short announcements of action on sustainable, low carbon transport. (Three minute – one slide slots).

  • 365 Campaign
  • Walk 21 initiative
  • PIANC Action Plan
  • Bla Bla Car
  • Low Carbon Transport Standard for Climate Bonds
  • CODATU photo competition
  • Panama Transport NAMA
  • Industry Pledge COP 21 To Achieve Electromobility Goals
  • ETRA – the European Transport Research Alliance – and IFSTTAR – the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks
14:45 – 15:45: Sustainable Transport Champions
The remaining part of this session will showcase countries that through their INDCs have demonstrated commitment to take action on transport and climate change as well as initiatives from the transport sector that will result in action by the transport sector itself. Examples will be provided of potential linkages between specific INDCs and LPAA transport initiatives. The ensuing discussion will generate suggestions for joint action, refinements & moving forward

  • Edgar Gutierrez Espeleta,  Minister of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica
  • Alain Flausch, Secretary General International Association of Public Transport
  • Robert Meugré Mambé, Governor, Abidjan District
  • Julien Allaire, Executive Manager CODATU
  • Jayeshwur Raj Dayal, Minister of Environment, Sustainable Development, and Disaster and Beach Management, Republic of Mauritius (TBC)
  • Sheila Watson, Director of Environment and Research , Global Fuel Economy Initiative
15:45 – 16:00: Tea Break
16:00 – 17:15: After Paris ………How do we keep sustainable, low carbon transport on the international agenda?
Transport Day 2015 will conclude with a broad based discussion among key stakeholders on Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Transport on priorities in the follow-up to COP21. How can the transport community build on the momentum of COP21?

  • Christine Walters, Mayoral Committee Member for Transportation, Johannesburg
  • Sharon Dijksma, Minister of Environment, Netherlands
  • Naoko Ishii, CEO and Chairperson Global Environment Facility (TBC)
  • Joan Clos, Executive Director, UN Habitat
  • Pierre-Etienne Franc, Chairman of the Governing Board of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking
  • Erik  Jonnaert, Secretary General, ACEA 
  • Carolina Toha, Mayor of Santiago, co-chair High Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport

Respondents: Holger Dalkmann, Director, Strategy and Global Policy; EMBARQ Director, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, World Resources Institute; Pierre Guislain, Senior Director, Transport and ICT Global Practice, World Bank; Clayton Lane, CEO, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy; and Tracy Raczek, Climate Policy Advisor, Executive Office of the United Nations Secretary General

17:15– 17:30: Conclusion
17:30 – 19:00: Reception


Transport Day 2015 will be held at the International Union of Railway Headquarter,16 rue Jean Rey, 75015 Paris, France.