Scaling Up Action on Transport and Climate Change: Establishment of a Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA)


Transport contributes about one quarter of all energy related CO2 emissions and about 15-17% of all anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Under a business-as-usual scenario, transport related CO2 emissions could grow from 6-7 gigatonnes to 16-18 gigatonnes by 2050. Against such a backdrop, the target and timeline set by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (translating to an overall net-zero emission economy soon after 2050) are challenging and require bold actions towards a systemic transformation of the transport sector.
To achieve this, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Costa Rica and the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC) propose the development of a Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA). The TDA is envisaged to be a multi-stakeholder alliance consisting of countries, cities – regions, and private sector companies that are committed to ambitious action on transport and climate change.
This event will establish the new TDA, inform stakeholders about the initial concept, and discuss challenges and opportunities for creating such an alliance.