PPMC Stakeholder Meeting


On Friday March 24th, Partnership for Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) and Michelin Challenge Bibendum (MCB) are organizing the 2017 Stakeholder Meeting for the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC) in Paris, France.  The half day meeting will take place from 1:30pm to 6pm at Hôtel de Roquelaure.

In the meeting, PPMC will present the updated Global Macro Roadmap on Decarbonization of Transport and invite participants to share their comments and feedback. In addition, PPMC will provide an overview of transport and climate activities it is planning for 2017. Detailed agenda for the meeting will be available in the coming weeks.

If you are interested to participate the stakeholder meeting, please send an e-mail to Yuxin Wang ([email protected]) and copy Talya Enriquez Romano ([email protected]).

It is expected that remote participation via webinar or teleconference will be an option. Please inform Talya and Yuxin if you would like to make use of that option.


13:30-13:45 Welcome by PPMC and host French Ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea

13:45-14:30 Updates  on 2017 Transport and Climate Change Agenda and Process

14:30-15:00 Adaptation and Transport

15:00-15:15 Tea Break

15:15-16:15 Consultation on the Global Macro-Roadmap: An Actionable Vision on Transport Decarbonization

16:15- 17:15 Marrakech Partnership-Global Climate Agenda Transport Initiatives in 2017

17:15-18:00 Transport Decarbonization Alliance (TDA)

Please see relevant documents for the meeting:

  • Downloadable agenda
  • Adaptation Presentation Bonn Meeting (March 20)
  • An actionable Vision of Transport Decarbonization
  • Transport Decarbonization Alliance – Proposal (2017-03-17)
  • Transport Initiatives Action Plan 2017- Draft for Discussion (March 2017)
  • Presentation for PPMC meeting – 24 March