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michelin ps2 vs pss

In general, summer tires offer the best grip, cornering, and handling on dry roads. Let’s find out what made Michelin summer tires exceptional by comparing the Michelin PS2 vs PSS.

Since Michelin’s Pilot Sport PS2 debuted eight years earlier than the Michelin Pilot Super Sport, the features of the PSS are more advanced. The Pilot Super Sport delivers superior grip, braking, handling, and cornering stability on wet and dry roads. It has less road noise, better ride quality, and longer wear life at a more affordable price.

Factors Michelin-Pilot-Sport-PS2 Michelin-Pilot-Super-Sport
Dry Excellent Winner
Wet Above Average Winner
Noise Noisy Less Noise
Comfort/Ride Quality Comfortable Winner
Price Either may be more expensive, depending on your chosen size.
Mileage Warranty Lower Winner

What is It?

1. Michelin Pilot Sport PS2


Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 is a max performance summer tire designed to fit sports cars and performance sedans.

It was launched in 2003 as an original fitment for BMW Alpina Z8, Mercedes McLaren SLR, Bugatti Veyron, Chrysler Crossfire, Audi RS6, Porsche Carrera GT, 996 GT2, and GT3 models.

The tire was initially released in 33 sizes and was made to replace the Michelin Pilot Sport.

This high-speed tire features an asymmetric design, where the tire’s continuous center rib and outer and inner shoulders are molded with a combination of silica and carbon materials. Because of these two compounds, the tire was best known for incredible dry traction and excellent handling.

Additionally, the tire has aramid and nylon filaments on the inside. They are responsible for providing a precise steering response, cornering stability, and durability.

Lastly, the tire has wide circumferential grooves and lateral notches to expel water on rainy days.

Just like other racing tires by Michelin, this design is manufactured in Michelin’s home base, Clermont Ferrand, France.

2. Michelin Pilot Super Sport


Michelin Pilot Super Sport is a max performance summer tire that was released in 2011 as a replacement for Michelin’s Pilot Sport PS2.

It kicked off as an original fitment for advanced performance vehicles, including the world’s fastest supercar, Ferrari 599 GTO, and vehicles from Mercedes and Porsche.

Today, the tire’s potential is enjoyed by drivers of sports cars, sporty coupes, performance sedans, and supercars.

Compared to other endurance race-inspired tires, this tire design is lighter by 10% and has a 25% wear improvement because of its Variable Contact Patch Technology and Twaron belt package.

If you compare PSS with rival tires, it delivers better braking because of the Bi-compound molded in the outer shoulder and inner portion of the tread. Moreover, its handling was upped by 12% as a result of its expertise in winning the Le Mans race 13 times consecutively.

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Differences: Michelin PSS vs PS2


1. Warranties

The PS2 has a lower treadwear warranty than the PSS.

Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport has brand support of 30,000 miles, while the Pilot Sport PS2 has a mileage warranty of 20,000 miles.

On top of the manufacturer’s limited and treadwear warranty, both tires are backed by Michelin’s Promise Plan which has additional benefits such as:

  • Free tire replacement within 60 days from date of purchase
  • 3 years worth of flat tire changing assistance

2. Reviews

Based on customer feedback on Tire Rack Michelin Pilot Super Sport beats Pilot Sport PS2 in all categories: wet and dry performance, comfort, ride quality, noise and treadwear.

Tires Wet Dry Winter Comfort Ride Quality Noise Tread Wear
PS2 8.5 9.3 N/A 8.5 8.5 8.5 7.3
PSS 9.0 9.5 N/A 8.7 8.8 8.7 8.1

Drivers are more satisfied with the tread life of the PSS than the PS2. They liked the PSS more because it is dependable in the rain and grippier on dry surfaces.

3. Wet

Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport has better wet performance than the Pilot Sport PS2. The former excels in aquaplaning support and wet traction. When you drive at a reduced speed from 80 to 10 km/h, the braking distance on the PSS is 3 meters shorter.

4. Dry

Drivers praised the predictability, fine handling, and dry performance of the PS2. However, the PSS has better dry traction, cornering stability, steering response, and handling. Thus, its dry performance is more attractive than that of the PS2.

When you slow down at 100 km/h to a full stop, the braking distance on the PSS is shorter by 1.5 meters.

4. Snow and ice

Since both of these options are summer tires, they are unusable in snowy conditions.

5. Noise/Comfort/Ride Quality

When you compare the noise and comfort levels of the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 vs Super Sport, the PS2 produces a little discomfort because it is noisier, especially at high speeds and is less sticky on wet roads.

Moreover, the PSS provides a more relaxed ride than the PS2. PS2’s comfort level was sacrificed because the rubber compound made the tire firm but inflexible.

6. Cost

If you compare the starting price of Michelin PSS vs PS2, the PSS is cheaper by $4 to $75. The price of the PS2 tire ranges from $213- $531, while the Pilot Super Sport is available at $209-$606 per tire.

Pros and Cons: Michelin Super Sport vs PS2

<strong>Michelin Pilot Sport PS2</strong>
  • Excellent dry performance
  • Fine handling
  • Firm ride
  • Slightly worse wet performance
  • Shorter treadlife
  • Not fit to be used in snow
<strong>Michelin Pilot Super Sport</strong>
  • Outstanding wet and dry performance
  • Cheaper
  • Stronger mileage support
  • Longer wear life
  • Unusable in snow

Frequently Asked Question


Is Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 discontinued?

No. The official website of the brand displays 33 sizes available for the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2. They range from 17-22 inches.


In this Michelin PS2 vs PSS comparison, we learned that both tires excel on dry pavements. The main advantage of the PSS is that it successfully combines wet and dry performance with longevity at a good price.

Michelin is known for innovating its latest tires, so if you are wondering how PS4, the summer tire that was launched in 2016, fare against the PSS and PS2, watch out for our next review.

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