Green roads – clean growth

The Low Carbon Road and Road Transport Initiative is led by PIARC the World Road Association and its objective is building strong and sustainable adaptation policies for the road network, including sensitive engineering structures and infrastructure (bridges, rural roads, etc.).


The initiative is committed to:

  • Providing guidance to road authorities in implementing sustainable national strategies addressing climate change;
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of road construction, maintenance and operation through technological innovation, including ITS, and the implementation of green tendering and contracting;
  • Developing road networks in line with new vehicle technologies (electric propulsion, autonomous cars, road/vehicle and vehicle/vehicle interactions, etc.);

Enhancing intermodal cooperation.


The initiative is supported by 121 government members of PIARC the World Road Association.


Knowledge development:

  • From 2016, LC2RTI will continue the implementation of the 4-year Strategic Plan to prepare for the main output of the initiative, including:
    • Technical reports by 2019;
    • Setting up a dedicated technical committee;
    • Organize 7 technical committee expert meetings and;
    • Organize 2 seminars in low/ middle-income countries in the 2016-2019 period to enhance knowledge exchange on low carbon road transport;
    • Address Climate change at the next World Road Congress in 2019.
  • The LC2RTI initiative will also update the Intelligent Transport Systems/Road Network Operation Manual, an online resource that provide guidance on the effective use of ITS in Road Network Operations based on practical experience in many countries.
  • The LC2RTI initiative will release the French and Spanish version of its International climate change adaptation framework for road infrastructure, already available on-line in English.

Accomplishments as of 2018 T4:

  • Since 2016 three technical committees were established,
    • E.1 Adaptation Strategies / Resiliency
    • E.2 Environment Considerations in Road Projects and Operations
    • E.3 Disaster Management

The technical committees have organised 4 seminars in low- and middle-income countries.

  • The LC2RTI initiative report on “International climate change adaptation framework for road infrastructure” is available in both English, French and Spanish.
  • The following reports have been produced by the technical committees
    • Transport Strategies for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, 2016
    • Appraisal of Sustainability of Transport Infrastructure Plans and Programs, 2016
  • A Special Project on Electric Road Systems was performed during 2018 which resulted in the following report:
    • Electric Road Systems – a solution for the future?

Forthcoming activities:

  • A new Special project was approved in October 2018 on Positive Energy Roads to be carried out during 2018-2019.

Forthcoming reports:

  • 6 reports and 1 online manual

To close the cycle of 2016-2019 several seminars and papers will be presented at the next World Road Congress which takes place in Abu Dhabi 6-9 October 2019. The congress program is being developed.

The Low Carbon Road and Transport Initiative is being discussed within the framework of the next Strategic Plan for 2020-2023.