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how much is a tire rotation at walmart

How much is a tire rotation at Walmart? Straight off the bat, the cost to rotate tires at Walmart is around $5 per tire, according to their auto care center. All four tires would amount to $20 as of writing this article.

You can also avail of a lifetime balance and rotation service, which will be valid for the entire life of your tires if you pay $14 per tire.


Things to Remember When Getting Tire Rotations at Walmart


Doing research before heading to your nearest Walmart is also essential, so here are some things you need to consider.

Before you get your tires rotated, we recommend becoming familiar with the auto center hours, which typically follow regular retail hours (8 AM to 6 PM).

Also, look up Walmart auto center prices to be ready for the average cost of whatever you need.

If you do a quick Google search of “Walmart auto centers near me,” you will probably find yourself on a store finder website. While you’re online, it is also recommended to search for coupon codes, especially a Walmart tire installation coupon or an automotive care discount.

Coupons are a big help for every visit to Walmart, since you never know what services you will need when you see your tires removed. Walmart strictly does tire rotation and nothing else unless you pay for another service.

While you’re getting your tires rotated at Walmart, it is also essential to inspect them yourself, since a Walmart tire rotation policy is that they do not examine the tires for safety.

This is because Walmart does not offer government certification for its employees.

You can also check out some of their other services, including Walmart tire balance, tire installation, oil change, and maintenance. If you’re wondering, “Does Walmart do alignments?” the answer is yes!

Next are some common questions people might have when availing of Walmart’s services.

What is a Tire Rotation?


A tire rotation is moving a tire from one location to another. An example is moving your front wheel tires to the back and vice versa.

Tire rotation is vital for car maintenance and safety because front wheels typically wear faster than rear ones; taking out and repositioning your tires also allows you to inspect them for any damage or balancing issues.

It is also a cost-efficient method of preserving your rubber treads, making them last longer, since rotation evens out the wear on all four tires. Even wear also ensures effective braking.

The general rule is you should get your tires rotated every 5,000 – 7,500 miles; coincidentally, under Walmart’s lifetime balance and rotation package, your tires could only be serviced every 7,500 miles.

Also, there are some specific patterns you are recommended to follow when rotating your tires.

Tire Rotation Patterns

Each rotation pattern could be used depending on a few factors like the car type, tire size, and the tire pattern.

Below are some common patterns for tire rotation:

Rearward Cross

  • The rear and front tires move forwards and backwards respectively. However, the rear tires don’t change sides while the front ones do.
  • Best for rear-wheel drives or four-wheel drives.

Forward Cross

  • The left front tire moves to the right, and the right front tire becomes the left rear tire.
  • The original left rear tire moves to the right, and the right rear tire becomes the left front tire.
  • Best for front-wheel drive vehicles as front tires typically wear faster on them.

Side to Side

  • The pattern is exchanging the left and right tires.
  • They are mainly used for differently-sized high-performance directional tires.
  • Not ideal, but it is still better than no tire rotation.

Front to back

  • This pattern is best for directional tires.
  • Front tires are exchanged for the rear tires on the same side.
  • Directional tires must always be rotated according to the spin direction on the sidewall. Moving them to a different side causes the spin to reverse because of how the treads are designed.

You can specify the patterns yourself when you go to Walmart, but most of the time, they will already know what you need.



Why is Walmart a good choice to rotate your tires?

Walmart is a good choice mainly because of how inexpensive it is. A standard garage or mechanic’s average tire rotation cost is around $20 – $ 80 per set.

Do all Walmart stores offer tire rotation?

Though it is hard to say if every one of Walmart’s 10,500 stores has a tire rotation service, most stores have an auto care center.

How long should a tire rotation at Walmart take?

The average time for a tire rotation is usually around 15 minutes, though it can last up to an hour if you have other services done as well, so the time it takes for Walmart to do a rotation is usually within this time frame.

Does Walmart rotate tires for free?

No, they do not rotate tires for free. Walmart is known for having low prices for its services, so if you’re looking for an excellent, cost-efficient choice for auto maintenance, Walmart is recommended.


Tire care is essential to ensuring your comfort and safety during drives, so we highly recommend you regularly get your tires serviced and rotated.

The Walmart tire rotation price is very affordable and convenient for most drivers, so it’s a good place to get your wheels serviced.

All in all, if you’re wondering how much is a tire rotation at Walmart, the answer is $5 per tire.

While booking a Walmart tire rotation appointment, it is recommended to check out other maintenance services they offer, since they would be removing your tires anyway.

Furthermore, Referring tire rotation prices from other brands below to make the best choice:

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