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how much is a tire rotation at valvoline

If you are a busy person, you probably will let the nearest car maintenance center near you take care of your car’s needs, particularly a tire rotation. Although, you would still want to choose the one that can provide great quality service at an affordable price.

One of the common auto service centers you can find almost anywhere is Valvoline Instant Oil Change (VIOC). So, how much is a tire rotation at Valvoline? You will get a rather reasonable price somewhere from $20 – $3o.


How Much is a Tire Rotation?

The tire rotation service might cost you from $20 to $50, depending on the shop you go to. Some high-end places can charge you more than $100, so make sure to check their price list.

How is Tire Rotation Service At Valvoline?


1. Price

Some of you may be only a full-service oil change at Valvoline since the shop is mainly known for car engine oil. However, they offer a variety of car maintenance services.

Most importantly, the price of each service is rather reasonable.

If you try searching for Valvoline tire rotation prices in different locations, you will notice quite a discrepancy.

  • The lowest price from Valvoline for a tire rotation is $20,. Although, it appears that you can be charged differently depending on the status of your car tires.
  • In some locations, the Valvoline tire rotation cost can go as high as $30. Many car owners consider $30 a bit too much since tire rotation is considered a simple car maintenance task.

If you look at the Valvoline service price list from the company’s official website, you can compare the prices with those of the services offered by a car dealership.

Valvoline claims that its car maintenance services cost 20% to 50% lower than the price of in-house dealership services.

2. Service Time

According to Valvoline’s tire rotation service page, their technicians can perform the job in less than 15 minutes. Given the manpower that their car maintenance centers have, as well as their equipment, you can expect a short service time for a tire rotation.

3. Equipment And Expertise

For the tire rotation service, many customers recommend Valvoline centers because of the speed and accuracy of their technicians in completing their job.

It should also be emphasized that Valvoline centers have lift equipment that should make the task of disengaging and re-attaching tires a lot easier.

Valvoline makes sure that its technicians have the physical and mental capability to learn and complete the job. It is a part of their requirement that their new hires must be capable of lifting to 50 pounds.

One could argue that not all technicians working at a Valvoline car maintenance center are experienced. Some people are still not confident about the Valvoline technician’s car troubleshooting skills.

Other services

Valvoline Instant Oil Change generally has an impressive customer satisfaction rating, especially online. According to Consumer Affairs, Valvoline’s avid customers recommend the car maintenance center’s technicians for their positive attitude.

It also helps that Valvoline is generous enough to offer free consultations and service coupons to draw in more customers.

  • They provide $7 off for a full-service synthetic blend or full-synthetic oil change.
  • Valvoline currently has $5 off for their full service of a conventional oil change.

Since the company specializes in car engine oil, customers are also happy about the Valvoline oil change prices.

It is wise to check out the Valvoline tune-up cost as well since a tune-up should complete your car engine’s rehabilitation after an oil change.


We can say that Valvoline offers a good tire rotation service. Searching how much is a tire rotation at Valvoline should be worth it since their price is very reasonable.

Valvoline has cheaper prices for their car maintenance services compared to other automotive centers, but rest assured that the quality of their service is not compromised.

If you are willing to shell out more money, you can avail professional car maintenance services. Nonetheless, Valvoline has you covered for a decent tire rotation procedure.

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