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how much is a tire rotation at firestone

Tire rotations are probably one of the most important things you can do to maintain your car’s integrity. It involves moving the location of your tires to their adjacent axles so they’ll get even wear and tear.

Consider getting a Firestone tire rotation, as they offer this service for free if you bought your tires from them. Otherwise, the price would be $10—20 per wheel.

Aside from how much is a tire rotation at Firestone, you should know about its basics, and how it can improve your car’s performance, handling, and safety.

So let’s discuss this seemingly underrated maintenance procedure.


Is Rotating Tires Worth the Cost?


Definitely, it’s one of those car maintenance services you shouldn’t dismiss—otherwise, your wheels won’t wear themselves out evenly.

Dissimilar tire wear is not only a safety hazard, but you’ll also need to spend more on newer tires if the old ones get damaged and need a replacement.

The tire rotation cost Firestone offers isn’t too expensive—they come at only $10 to 20 per tire. However, if you purchase a car service coupon from them, you can get tire rotations for much less—at $9.99 for all four tires, which is undoubtedly worth it.

When Should I Rotate My Tires?

Tire rotations should be done every six months or for every 7,500 miles of travel. If you have the time and money, you can consider tire rotations every 5000 miles to keep them in the best shape.

In addition, when you notice that your wheels aren’t worn down evenly, it would be very unwise just to wait or ignore it.

So, drive straight to the nearest tire rotation shop and get it fixed.

Since the price of bi-annual tire rotations is far more cost-efficient than buying newer tires, make sure that you do this religiously. Besides, doing tire rotations twice a year shouldn’t take much from your schedule—after all, you’re doing this for safety.

You can also get tire rotations for an even more affordable cost if you have your tires rotated at the shop where you bought your wheels. Since most shops usually offer discounts and free tire services.

Does Firestone Do Free Tire Rotations?


Well, yes and no. You can only enjoy a free Firestone lifetime tire rotation, provided you’ve bought your tires from them.

But, if you didn’t buy them there, it shouldn’t cause too much concern as they only charge about $10 to $20 per tire for a cheap tire rotation – which is not much, considering it’s only twice a year.

Because you do tire rotations as part of your car’s service maintenance, consider getting a Firestone free tire rotation with oil change too, so your car performs more reliably and efficiently.

Can I Do My Own Tire Rotation?


Yes, but it would take a certain amount of work and knowledge about tires, such as qualities like directional or non-directional tires. You can also consult with other drivers and mechanics from Reddit for some tips and tricks if you’re opting to DIY.

  • Directional (unidirectional)

The “one-way” tread design of these tires encourages the wheel to spin in a single direction. A closer inspection will reveal that the patterns all point forward.

As directional tires are designed to face only one direction, each one can only be installed on either left or right side of the vehicle.

To rotate directional tires, switch your front tires with your rear tires, and vice versa. It is crucial that you must swap out tires that are on the same side.

  • Non-directional (symmetrical)

The identifying characteristic of non-directional tires is the even number of plies and the absence of “This side out” instruction normally seen on their directional counterparts.

You can install tires on any side of the vehicle and rotate them in any direction because they lack directional features.

When rotating a non-directional tire, use a crisscross pattern for consistency rather than rotating a directional tire with the same side pattern.

Steps to Rotate Tires Yourself


Step 1: Apply the parking brake (the handbrake) for safety.

Step 2: Loosen but do not completely remove all the lug nuts from your wheels. Doing this makes removal simpler when your car is raised.

Step 3: Elevate your automobile with a jack, then keep it up with jack stands or blocks. Repeat on the opposite sides and rotate based on whether the tire is directional or non-directional.

Step 4: When it is finished, as you gradually lower your automobile, be sure that all the lug nuts are fastened as securely and evenly as possible.


Rotating your tires can extend their life and improve overall road safety. So, don’t be concerned about the cost since it’s pretty affordable and is of great value, especially with the Firestone pricing options.

I hope that the questions on how much is a tire rotation at Firestone are answered, and you’ve learned a few things about its basics and, of course, its benefits. Always protect yourself and get your tires rotated.

Furthermore, to easily compare other brands, you can refer tire rotation costs at Costco, Valvoline, Honda and Discount tire if you need.

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