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how long can you drive on a spare tire

Given the recent changes made by manufacturers regarding spare tires, driving using it can surely be a hassle, and then a question will pop into your mind, prompting you to go on Reddit and ask, how long can you drive on a spare tire?

According to manufacturers, it is only recommended to ride on a spare tire for 50 miles and at about 50 miles per hour. Read on to find out more about the safety tips for when your tire is flat.


How Many Miles Can You Go With a Spare Tire?


A spare tire mileage is around 70 miles and a donut tire is 50 miles, which can be long enough until you can get to a repair shop where they can fix or inspect your flat tire.

While it is not recommended, the max speed on a donut is 70 mph, especially if you are in a hurry. However, by doing so, there is a risk of damaging other parts, such as the transmission.

Read this article for more max speed when you drive with a spare tire and the risk that comes with it.

Just remember to stay in the slow lane to avoid accidents that might occur when you are doing this.

Donut tires are usually small and light and typically have a minor tread construction compared to regular tires. Therefore, 50 miles is how far you should and can drive on a donut.

Why is It Dangerous Driving on Your Spare Tire for Too Long?


  • Since spare tires are built smaller and lighter, going 50-70 mph causes the tires to wear out quickly.
  • As mentioned earlier, it is dangerous to drive on a spare tire too long because it can cause damage to other parts of your car, such as brakes, transmission, steering system, suspension, and even car heating.
  • The materials of donut tires are not the same as your regular tires, so the chance of another flat tire or even a blowout tire is high, especially when driving beyond the recommended speed.

What Are the Things to Do/remember When Using a Donut Tire?

  • Drive slowly. Remember that spare tires are designed as a temporary fix for a regular tire, so their performance on the road is not the same.
  • You should stay in the right lane or the slow lane when you are on a highway. Driving using a spare tire is different.
  • Since donut tires need higher air pressure than regular tires, 60 pounds per square inch is the suggested air pressure for a donut tire. It’s better to be safe than to have another problem with your tire.
  • A donut tire is not the same size as an ordinary tire and can affect the braking system. It is highly recommended that you limit your braking unless needed by the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)


Can I drive on a spare tire for a week?

If your spare tire is in good condition and relatively just like the original tires, it can go for another week, depending on usage. But if it is not the same as your old tires, then changing your spare tire must be done as soon as possible.

Can I drive 200 miles using a spare tire?

Most often than not, a spare tire is light and small compared to your original tires. Driving 200 miles using a spare is highly discouraged because it is not safe. Fifty miles is the recommended range, and it should be enough for you to find a repair shop nearby.

What should I do if my donut tire is flat?

The smart thing to do is to pull over in a safe space and ask other people passing by to get help. If this is not applicable, you can call a nearby tire shop. Also, ask for your car to be towed by a tow truck and have it brought to the nearest shop to be fixed.


It is your responsibility to know the details and the limitations of the spare tire to avoid more significant problems regarding your safety.

Always keep in mind the safe mileage of a spare tire and the safest speed limit you can use while using this. Remember that it is called a “spare” for a reason. We hope that this article answers your question about how long can you drive on a spare tire.

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