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bridgestone turanza vs michelin primacy 4

It is challenging to decide which tire is best for you because the market is full of different options. We will pitch two tires from Bridgestone and Michelin against each other, as they are the most popular choice in the summer touring tire category.

Bridgestone Turanza vs Michelin Primacy 4: The Bridgestone Turanza T005 and the Michelin Primacy MVX4 are summer touring tires.

They are designed to provide excellent handling on wet and dry roads. These tires also have a long tread life and excellent fuel efficiency.

Here is a specification chart:

Specifications michelin-crossclimate turanza-quiettrack
Brand Michelin Bridgestone
Tire Type Summer Touring Summer Touring
Usage Highway Highway
Section Width 9.3” 9.3”
Diameter 28.1 28.1
Max. Inflation Pressure 44psi 44psi
Max. Load 1764lbs 1874lbs
Tested Size 235/60/R17 235/60/R17
Tire Weight 15.6lbs 15.9lbs
Wet Overall Rating 78.1% 81.8%
Dry Overall Rating 81.2 86.7%
Off-road Overall rating 77.8% 81.9%
Number of sizes available 234 308
Price $188 (£157) $177(£148)



  • Wet and Dry Handling

Road handling is a critical aspect of tire performance. The wet handling rating is determined by the following:

  • Braking – how well the tire stops in both wet and dry environments.
  • Cornering – how well the tire responds in sharp turns and corners
  • Grip – how much traction and control are provided in wet and dry conditions.

The Michelin Primacy 4 has a braking rating of 86%, which is significantly better than the Turanza T005’s wet braking rating of 79%.

The Michelin Primacy 4 has a much better damp handling rating than the Turanza T005 at 89% vs. 77%, respectively, and a better cornering rating at 85% vs. 83%, respectively.

  • Comfort


The Bridgestone Turanza T005 is a tire designed to offer a quiet ride. It is made to reduce both exterior and interior noise. The Michelin primacy 4 also can reduce exterior noise, but it could do better at reducing interior noise.

  • Pros and Cons

Bridgestone Turanza T005 and Michelin Primacy MXV4 are two popular summer touring tires. They both have their pros and cons. Both have excellent traction control, wet road handling, and a high braking rate. But both have a low overall rating in off-road conditions.

  • Cost


Bridgestone Turanza is an excellent tire for those who are on a budget. It feels like the Michelin Primacy 4, but it costs significantly less.

Bridgestone Turanza T005 costs around $177 and Michelin Primacy 4 cost around $188.

What Other Bridgestone Tire Models Perform Similarly to the Bridgestone Turanza T005?

Bridgestone has many tire models, each with its own performance. But here are some of the tire models that are similar to the Turanza T005.

  • Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus – The Bridgestone Serenity Plus is the top performer in the turanza lineup. It is an all-around performance tire with a high degree of stability and can be used on any surface.
  • Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack – The Turanza Quiettrack is the quietest touring tire on the market. It has been engineered to reduce noise levels by up to 9 decibels compared with standard Turanza tires.
  • Bridgestone Alenza – The Alenza has been designed for SUV and crossover vehicles often subjected to harsh driving conditions. It also features a unique tread design that provides excellent traction.
  • Bridgestone Dueler – Bridgestone Dueler has been a favorite among off-road enthusiasts because of its high traction and stability on off-road places.

This tire also has a long life span, which makes it an ideal choice for people who are fond of adventure sports like biking, hiking, and other activities that require high levels of performance.

What Other Michelin Tire Models Have the Same Performance as the Primacy 4?

  • Michelin Premier – The Michelin Premier is an all-season tire that offers drivers the best possible ride in wet or dry conditions. The Premier has a tread design with high traction, shorter stopping, and reduced road noise technology that works on all surfaces.
  • Michelin CrossClimate – Michelin Crossclimate is an exceptional all-season tire with excellent traction, long tread life in heavy loads, and good handling on wet roads. This tire was designed for SUVs and light trucks in the SUV segment.

A Related Comparison: Michelin primacy vs premier



Is G-force a good tire brand?

BFGoodrich g-Force is one of the best summer ultra-high-performance tires. It has a unique design with an aggressive tread pattern that offers great traction on both dry and wet roads. This tire can last for up to 70,000 miles without any issues.

Is Michelin Pilot Sport A’s 3 plus a run-flat tire?

Michelin Pilot Sport A’s 3 is a tire that provides better dry grip and controlled cornering. They have irregular contact patches, which allow them to give the right amount of traction for the different surfaces.

What is the difference between Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 and A/S 3+?

The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ is the successor of the original Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3. The new model brings a significant improvement in snow mobility by 28%.

Potenza Vs. Turanza, what is the difference?

The difference between these two tires is that Turanza sounds more suitable financially because it’s made for touring. Potenza is a high-performance tire with a sharp, sporty feel used primarily on track.

Are BFGoodrich advantage tires and Continental premiumcontact 6 in the same category?

This is one of the questions that people ask. The answer is yes. Continental’s premiumcontact 6 and BF Goodrich advantage tires fall under the same category (Summer Touring) along with Bridgestone’s Turanza T005 and Michelin’s Primacy 4.


Picking the right summer touring tires can be tricky because many options are available, and they all have different characteristics. The tire size, tread pattern, compound, etc., all come into play when picking the tire for your car or truck.

Between Bridgestone Turanza vs Michelin Primacy 4, it’s about considering what type of road handling and safety features the tire provides. Either of the two tire manufacturers, Michelin vs Bridgestone, choosing what tire suits your driving style and comfort is definitely on you.

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