Cycling delivers on the global goals

Cycling delivers on the global goals


Show the importance of cycling to achieve the new UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with special attention to climate action.


The commitment showcases the ambitions of cities to increase the modal share of cycling worldwide and to double cycling in Europe by 2020. It aims to mobilize support of members from the World Cycling Alliance (WCA) and the European Cyclist Federation (ECF) enable local, national and international governments and institutions to scale up action on cycling.

Partners and Signatories

The commitment is supported by ECF and WCA, representing over 130 civil society organizations worldwide.

Relevance to advance the Paris Agreement goals

The initiative advances the Paris Agreement goals by focusing on mitigation (shifting modal share in cities towards cycling) and by providing a means to showcase these cities that commit to increasing their modal share of cycling.

Activities of the Initiative

Outreach and coalition building:

  • Continue to promote and celebrate the 3rd of June as World Bicycle Day; officially recognized by the UN, and use as a means of outreach on the importance of cycling in sustainable mobility worldwide.
  • Continue to organize Velo-city, the annual global cycling summit, to provide a space for coalition and partnerships to form.
  • ECF and WCA work on enhancing the international, global collaboration of Civil Society Organizations and their partnerships with governments, governmental organizations and the private sector.
  • ECF are WCA are preparing the next steps in the development of the WCA: the launch of the global legal entity WCA in 2019.

Capacity building:

  • ECF, with the Dutch cities Arnhem and Nijmegen, has organized the 2017 edition of the Velo-city conferences series, the global cycling summit: the premiere place for exchanging knowledge and experience on cycling.
  • The next Velo-city conference will be held in Dublin in 2019.

Policy-making and implementation:

  • ECF, together with other stakeholders in the cycling sector (including the bicycle industry), has developed a draft EU Cycling Strategy document for the European Commission.

Monitoring and reporting:

Monitoring the list of cities which have adopted modal share targets.


Cycling Delivers on the Global Goals:

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