UITP Declaration on Climate Change Leadership

Supporting our goal to double the market share of public transport by 2025



Double the market share of public transport by 2025 and implement 350 commitments to climate action made by UITP members


Commitment to support governments at all levels by providing them with technical knowledge from delivering action on the ground as this can support delivery of NDC’s.  It was also a commitment to support monitoring and reporting of SDG implementation (notably SDG target 11.2 on expanding public transport) as this can help the better allocation of resources required for their delivery.

Partners and Signatories

UITP network extends to more than 1,400 companies, over 16,000 contacts from 96 countries.

Relevance to advance the Paris Agreement goals

As part of the Marrakesh Partnership/Global Action Agenda (GCA), the Declaration’s goal, which is supported by 1,500 members of UITP, is to double the market share of public transport by 2025 (PTx2).  In doing so, it would allow us to cater for ever increasing demand for urban transport while decreasing per capita urban transport emissions by 25% (global average) which would ensure that we would move the transport sector in the direction of the COP 21 Paris Agreement.

The impacts of the 350 actions is outlined in the 2018 report of implementation, of which 86% have been completed. https://www.uitp.org/sites/default/files/UITP%20DECLARATION%20ON%20CLIMATE%20LEADERSHIP%202018%20REPORT%20OF%20IMPLEMENTATION%20FINAL.pdf

Activities of the Initiative

Outreach and coalition building:

In 2018:

  • Partnership Agreement with UNFCCC for COP24
  • Partner of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition

Capacity building:

  • Workshops, trainings, study tours and conference (circa. 200 days) will have been held over 2018 that will help scale up quality public transport interventions.

Knowledge development:

  • 2 UNFCCC recognized Talanoa Dialogues – Dakar, Senegal (April) and Milan, Italy (October)

Policy-making and implementation:

  • Guidelines and tender structure recommendations that will help to scale up low emissions buses systems.  This report made available to relevant parties to the UNFCCC convention prior to COP 24.

Monitoring and reporting:

  • 2018 report on implementation of actions pledged under the UITP Declaration. Of the 350 actions pledged by UITP members at the 2014 UN Climate Summit, examples of implementation could be reported in 86% of cases in 2018.  An increase of 25% compared with this time last year, representing over 300 projects.

Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Support the development Sustainable Mobility for All (SUM4ALL) initiative on urban access, which has at its core SDG 11.2.
  • Support technical guidance on measuring Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which targets expanding public transport (SDG11.2) at the 2018 HLPF.
  • Integrate SDGs into the EU New Urban Agenda on sustainable mobility.

UITP Action Plan: http://www.un.org/climatechange/summit/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2014/09/TRANSPORT-Action-Plan-UITC.pdf

Focal point

Philip Turner, International Association of Public transport, Philip.turner@uitp.org