Transport Events at Habitat III

There will be a wide range of official and parallel events during the Habitat III conference. It is anticipated that mobility and transport will be included in all major types of events. Learning from the experiences of previous major global events, including the recent Habitat III PrepCom3, it is important to ensure strong participation in the events organized on transport. This can be helped by:

There are different types of events that will be organized at Habitat III

  1. Special Session: During Habitat III there will also be a Special Session on “Transport and Mobility” hosted by UN-Habitat on Tuesday 18th October at 8:00am. SLoCaT is clarifying who/how SLoCaT and its members can participate. Transport is also included in the Special Session on Urban Infrastructure and Basic Services including Energy on Monday 17th
  2. Side Events: Side Events will have a duration of one hour and are an opportunity to share data, knowledge and initiatives in an effort to advance on the implementation of sustainable urban development in cities and towns around the globe.
  3. Networking Events: Networking Events will have a duration of two hours and are an opportunity to build knowledge, strengthen partnerships and networks through sharing ideas and commitments in an effort to advance on the implementation of sustainable urban development in cities and towns around the globe.
  4. Parallel Events: In addition to the official side events and networking events there will be a range of transport related parallel events, most of which will be off venue. Some of these will be open, while others will be closed events and for invitation only.

SLoCaT aims to have a complete overview of the parallel events and where desirable SLoCaT can also help to coordinate among its members to suggest speakers to some of these parallel events.

  1. Habitat Village: Ecuador and Quito City as the hosts of Habitat III have invited participating organizations to make a physical contribution to a special Habitat III village. The intention is that this will be a lasting contribution to sustainable urban development of that specific part of Quito City.

There are also plans to promote the active use of bicycles and walking during Habitat III. This is an initiative of Despacio and the European Cyclists Federation (ECF) and the World Cycling Alliance (WCA).

Below is an overview of all planned Sustainable Transport Events that will be organized during Habitat III. If you know an event that we have not included, please contact Talya Enriquez Romano at If you are interested in the full event list, please visit here.