Transport Decarbonisation Alliance: Countries, Cities and Companies working together to decarbonise transport before 2050


Inspired by the Paris Agreement, which fully recognises the role of non-Party actors in the implementation of the agreement, the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA) is a unique sectoral alliance that facilitates co-operation between cities, companies and countries can work together to solve problems, accelerated action, unlock new opportunities for decarbonisation.

The event will focus on the explanation of how a unique collaboration of ambitious stakeholders from the transport sectoral are working together to accelerate the decarbonisation of a sector with fast rising emissions.  The event will give an overview of the TDA (membership and activities) and discuss who countries cannot deliver the Paris Agreement alone. It will also give examples of cooperation for transport decarbonisation in the context of urban freight and show the first mover benefits of decarbonisation. Experiences of decarbonisation will be shared by TDA members for lessons to be learned for other sectors.

For more information, please contact the TDA Secretariat at


December 07, 2018 - December 07, 2018


10:00 am - 10:30 am


Action Hub


Contact Person:

Mark Major, Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (on behalf of the 20 Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA) Memebers),

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