Transport Day Quito at Habitat III

PPMC will be organizing a Transport Day on Wednesday October 19th .  It is planned that the Quito Transport Day will be hosted by the City of Quito, in partnership with CAF-Development Bank of Latin America and Eco-Mobility Alliance.

The event will be held at the historic Centro de Convenciones Eugenio Espejo – 800 m from the main conference venue.

The four main objectives of Quito Transport Day are:

  1. Emphasize the action orientation of the New Urban Agenda and promote the implementation of mobility- and transport-related recommendations of the NUA;
  2. Demonstrate the linkages between the NUA, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for transport and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the ensuing need for transformational change in urban transport;
  3. Draw support from key decision makers and build bridges with other parts of the development community, for whom transport is of importance;
  4. Discuss an effective review mechanism for mobility- and transport-related recommendations in the NUA.

Taking these objectives into account it is clear that the detailed programming, as well as the outreach on the Quito Transport Day, will need to extend well beyond the traditional transport community.  It could be considered to give organizations focusing on relevant SDGs (and in particular, urban development, women, youth, road safety and energy) a formal role in the organization of Quito Transport Day (e.g. through inclusion of organizational logos and giving them the status of partner organization).

The format of the Quito Transport Day will be a combination of plenary sessions and break-out sessions. The detailed Program can be accessed on the Quito Transport Day page.

To reserve your seat at Transport Day please register here.