Transport Day Breakout Session 2.1 – Tracking the implementation of transport components of the New Urban Agenda 

This session discussed the need to develop a comprehensive and inclusive framework for tracking transport within the New Urban Agenda (NUA) and other global processes. To open the session, SLoCaT and UN-Habitat described a joint MOU for accelerating action and tracking progress toward transport-relevant components of the NUA, which was followed by presentations by seven panelists with a broad set of perspectives.

Bogotá’s Secretary of Transport, described efforts to establish clear transport indicators and quantitative goals and noted the difficulty of measuring equity, a priority reinforced by Brot für die Welt in its mission to expand social justice in transport.  ITDP stressed the need to build on existing transport indicators and to increase harmony and clarity among tracking frameworks, and the Communitas Coalition made explicit links between transport objectives in the NUA and existing SDG targets.  The International Transport Forum called for expanding networks of data experts to address road safety issues, and the UN Centre for Regional Development described efforts to strengthen ties among ministries of transport, environment, health, and urban development in Asian countries.  Finally, the World Bank described current efforts to build a global transport tracking framework, noting actual and potential challenges in this process.

Key Messages from Event

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