Synthesis of Analytical Products by the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate


The report outlines what is at stake for the transport sector in the coming decades.  It indicates that the transport sector will need to take transformative action to meet the ambitious targets set by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, as present mitigation policies on transport and climate change are projected to fall far short of a two-degree Celsius scenario (2DS), let alone the even more ambitious 1.5DS. Transport faces an equal challenge when it comes to adaptation to climate change, as crucially, sustainable transport systems must adapt to climate change, to maintain the reliability of transport’s role in economic and social development.

The synthesis report also provides an overview of three main types of PPMC knowledge and policy documents:

  1. Assessment of Transport Emissions

This section includes an overview of historic transport sector emissions trends from 1990 – 2012; country fact sheets on transport emissions trends and projections; and an overview of methodologies and tools to measure GHG emissions in the transport sector. It also describes how transport has been addressed in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) submitted by countries to the UNFCCC, and summarizes the implications of 2DS and 1.5DS for transport sector emissions in 2050.

  1. Accelerating Action on Transport and Climate Change

This area includes an overview of the 15 transport initiatives launched under the Global Climate Action Agenda (GCAA) (formerly the Lima Paris Action Agenda), actions on adaptation and resilience taken in the transport sector to date, 20 quick win actions on transport, climate change, and sustainable development; and a global roadmap to decarbonize the transport sector.

  1. Financing Actions on Transport and Climate Change

This section presents findings from a database on climate finance for transport, a policy paper on the systematic approach for the use of climate finance for sustainable transport; and an analysis on scaling up sustainable transport through infrastructure financing and project preparation facilities.

The synthesis report also demonstrates key achievements of the PPMC since its creation in March 2015, which include the following:

The PPMC will continue to demonstrate strong leadership in facilitating better coordination and of public and private non-state actors in order to help accelerate action on transport and climate change in the coming years.

The full 2016 PPMC synthesis report is available here.