Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI)

Accelerate the implementation of sustainable urban transport development and mitigation of climate change



The objective of the TUMI is to accelerate the implementation of sustainable urban transport development and mitigation of climate change by mobilizing finance, building capacities and promoting innovative approaches.


A transition towards sustainable urban mobility requires a shift in policy making and investment decisions. The Transforma­tive Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) will support this transition by mobilizing significant investments in sustainable urban trans­port infrastructures and services, building the capacity of key decision makers and supporting innovative and transformative sustainable mobility approaches on the ground. Furthermore, TUMI will contribute to an improved dialogue on urban mobility with relevant stakeholders at global, national and local levels, and will increase the awareness of the private sector as well as civil society and help them mobilize to contribute more directly to the development of sustainable mobility solutions.

Partners and Signatories
Relevance to advance the Paris Agreement goals

Rising temperatures, rising sea levels, and more fre­quent extreme-weather events underline the importance of climate-sensitive and -resilient transport services and infrastructures. The transport sector is responsible for 28% of the global final energy consumption and is already the second largest polluting sector. It is the fastest growing sector with regard to GHG emissions. By 2050, transport-related emissi­ons are forecasted to increase by 120%. Resili­ence strategies support the needed adaptation to future climate related vulnerability. Our target: support our partner cities in building resilient services and infrastructures and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in urban transport.

Specifically, TUMI will mobilize financing for sustainable mobility – envisaged is 1 billion USD per year.  It has specific goals on finance and capacity building.

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