World Conference on Transport Research Society

The World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS) is a network and
forum for the interchange of ideas among transport researchers, managers,
policy makers, and educators from all over the world, from a perspective
which is multi-modal, multi-disciplinary, and multi-sectoral. The Society
has become a primary forum for such international exchanges in transport;
the World Conferences are the place where leading transport professionals
from all countries and areas convene to learn from one another.

One unique role for the WCTRS is to identify emerging issues and
opportunities of a policy, managerial, or technical nature which will
influence transportation research, policy, management and education in
future years. In this way, the Society and the Conference intend to play a
strong leadership role in bridging the gaps between research and practice.

The Special Interest Group SIGf2 “Transport and the Environment” is focusing
on interdisciplinary research on interactions between transport systems and
the environment. Drawing from evidence, the secondary objective is to
provide policy recommendations to relevant decision-makers with the aim of
encouraging policy action towards low-carbon sustainable transport. In
particular, the group aims at seeking for the ways to establish effective
mechanisms for mitigating environmental degradation.

The main research areas are: analysing the environmental merits of different
transport options; investigating negative externalities originating from
transport activities (in particular keeping track of generated greenhouse
gas emissions from transport); assessing environmental transport policies
and measures; understanding the role of technology in supporting low-carbon


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