The Sustainable Energy for All Forum Partner Working Session: What role can energy play in decarbonizing the transport system?


The transport sector has acknowledged the importance of a low carbon energy supply, but is yet to act in concert with the energy sector to map out the steps to be taken to ensure the timely available supply of low-carbon energy for the sector. Although transport is one of the largest end-users of energy, the energy sector is only recently beginning partner with the transport sector to draft joint approaches. There is a growing urgency to develop joint pathways for the production of renewable sources of energy and their deployment in transport. This session will bring together key stakeholders from both sectors to discuss a way forward.

The event is organized by the Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) on behalf of the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate, which is a joint initiative of SLoCaT and Michelin Challenge Bidendum.


Moderator: Cornie Huizenga, Secretary General, Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport, co-founder Paris Process on Mobility and Climate


  • Patrick Oliva, Senior Vice President in charge of External Relations – Sustainable Mobility and Energy Transition and co-founder Paris Process on Mobility and Climate
  • Sheila Watson, Executive Secretary, Global Fuel Economy Initiative, Deputy Director, FIA Foundation
  • Christine Lins, Executive Director, REN21
  • Hans Olav Ibrekk, Policy Director in the Energy Section, Norway
  • Anuar Allaudin, Deputy Director General (Sectoral), Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department, Malaysia (TBC)
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April 03, 2017


1:45 pm - 2:45 pm


Duggal Greenhouse, 63 Flushing Ave, Building 268, New York City, United States of America


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