The role of City and Movement


Mobility is not just a layer within the city; it is what directs and enables urban development and growth.  Over the past fifty years, cities have grown around the car, leading to disastrous urban outcomes.  Mobility is also a reflection of class and power. This event will explore the role of movement within the city as a force that defines the city and its growth and influences social and economic outcomes.

The panel will begin with an overview of key findings from a new book called City and Mobility: Mobilities and Interactions in Urban Development, focused on Brazil. From there, we will expand the discussion to see how this translates into other regions in the world to understand how mobility has influenced urban growth and social and economic outcomes. How has mobility made the city and what can we do to create more just and sustainable cities by linking mobility and urban development more closely. We will conclude the event with a reception that will also be the launch of the book.


Moderator: Clarisse Linke, ITDP, co-publisher of the book and co-author of one of the chapters

17:00-17:05  Introduction
17:05-17:15  Representative from IPEA: Overview of findings from the book
17:15-17:20  Latin American Representative (TBD)
17:20-17:25  Asian city representative (TBD)
17:25-17:30  African city representative (TBD)
17:30-17:50  Discussion
17:50-18:00  Q&A
18:00-18:10  Wrap-up and final remarks
18:10-18:15  Opening of reception and book launch
18:15-19:00  Reception


October 18, 2016 - October 18, 2016


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


One UN Pavilion - Room B


Contact Person:

Ramon J. Cruz (

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