The Michelin Challenge Bibendum Open Lab


The intention of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum is to show that progress really is being made in mobility and the future is bright for transportation that benefits society. There is a gap between what exists today, the challenges faced (in terms of energy, the environment, safety, and widespread access to effective mobility), and the slowness of the decision-making processes around the world. But this gap can and must be closed.

Since 1998, the Challenge Bibendum has been bringing together political, industry, scientific, and media representatives to discuss the challenges of and solutions for sustainable mobility. The MCB Open Lab is an innovative and collaborative Think and Do Tank that proposes joint initiatives with partners and major actors of sustainable mobility throughout the year.

Moving forward from past MCB events which have until now united all players of sustainable mobility, about every two years, the MCB Open Lab goes even further by proposing throughout the entire year joint initiatives.

The mission of this prospective and collaborative Open Lab is to:

  • Offer innovative solutions for a better mobility
  • Assemble an ecosystem of private and public executives
  • Build a prospective and shared vision of mobility
  • Initiate co-innovation projects with partners

Concrete Actions:

  • Online communities of interest to transform ideas into actions, hand-in-hand with partners
  • Manage a network of academical, technological and prospective experts to further our Do Tank and vision
  • Create a MOOC platform (massive open online courses) dedicated to innovation and sustainable mobility-led prospective
  • A Knowledge and Innovation Center (KIC) of high value-added contents/services for companies
  • Events and Workshops to dig deeper into our studies and for networking opportunities
  • The Paris Process on Mobility and Climate, a new initiative in partnership with SLoCat to promote all possible Transport sector actions in favor of the Climate and to influence executives during and after COP21

Experts, scientists, industrialists, as well as representatives from a number of international organizations (European Union, ITF/OECD, WHO, IEA, UNEP, WBCSD, World Economic Forum, GRSP) have been supporting and participating in the Challenge Bibendum for a number of years.  They are the key players of this event.

We must face the future without fear, our minds open to all possible solutions whether they are local or global. For we must not put off making the courageous choices that are necessary to ensure the well-being of the entire planet. The Challenge Bibendum provides unique opportunity for serious reflection about clean, safe, connected, and affordable mobility to improve and encourage knowledge.



September 24, 2015 - September 24, 2015


Paris, France


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