Transport Decarbonisation Alliance

Decarbonisation of the transport sector before 2050


The Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA) was launched in 2018 as a unique collaboration of Countries, Cities/Regions and Companies (the 3Cs) to accelerate the worldwide transformation of the transport sector towards a net-zero emission mobility system before 2050.


TDA members acknowledge their responsibility in enabling four strategic imperatives:

Partners and Signatories

As of December 2019, TDA consists of 7 countries, 8 cities and 9 companies. TDA members cover 1.9% of global population and 5.7% of global vehicle fleet; they represent 9.3% of global GDP and contribute to 5.8% of global transport CO2 emissions.

Activities of the initiatives
Focal point

Christopher Dekki, Coordinator, TDA Secretariat (

Initiative website: