Climate Actions in Transport

3-D printing: A Potential Game Changer for Logistics Alstom’s new ambition for rail energy efficiency Airport Carbon Accreditation – A Global Standard in Conformity with the Lima-Paris Action Agenda Battery Electric Car Ferry in Norway 2030-Sekretariatet: making the transport sector in Sweden fossil -fuel independent by 2030 Bin 2 Barrel – Diesel from Non-Recyclable Plastics in the Netherlands
7+4 – BYD Helps Transform E-mobility Brabant Intermodal – Cooperation between regional Terminal operators in the South of the Netherlands Biofuels in Aviation BICEPS Network – Leveraging Demand for Sustainable Shipping Africa Sustainable Transport Forum – a multi stakeholder forum Biofuels from Waste Reduce GHG Emissions and Increase Energy Diversity
Cambodia: Adaptation Approaches for the Transport Sector Green Rail – rail transport of flowers between the Netherlands and Italy Civil Aviation’s Global Climate Action Framework COVADEM – Cooperative Depth Measurement of The Fairway Cargo Bikes – A Smart Solution for City Transport Building vehicles for no petroleum use – the US Electric Auto Association
Car-Free Days Catch On Across India GreenCHAINge: Modal Shift in the Transport of Plants and Flowers Electric Buses and Taxis at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands Cold Ironing: Using Shore Power for Moored Vessels CITY CYCLING – Cycling for a better climate Campaign ‘Choose the Best Tyre’ to save fuel
Carbon footprinting road transport: working together and harmonizing methods Shared Services Platform for Multimodal and ECO-responsible Logistics in France Innovative Electric Passenger Transportation System for Calgary Airport EFFICIENSHIP City of Almaty Sustainable Transport (CAST)- Kazakhstan Fuel Economy Improvements in Kenya – GFEI
Changing Employee Mobility Behavior – the MOVE CLIMATE CHALLENGE Initiative (NORWAY) Synchromodal Control Tower in the Netherlands Swedavia: leader in running airports Engineering With Nature- Atchafalaya River Island Beneficial Use Project Louisiana-USA Climate Smart City Distribution in Gothenburg Fuel economy in Chile
ChargePoint – Partnering to Scale EV Charging in the USA Wind powered railway system in The Netherlands Using Renewable Solar Energy Use for The Aviation Industry; part of the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) scheme Environmental Ship Index Part of the International Association of Ports & Harbors World Ports Climate Initiative Cycling policies to improve Mobility and Health in Thailand Fuel Economy in Mauritius
City Logistics Mobile Depot of TNT Express in Brussels- Belgium   Flettner rotors: using wind energy on merchant vessels EBUSCO: Zero-emission public transport Fuel Efficiency Policy and Measures in Vietnam
CO2Logistics – Local CO2 Calculations in Spain   Global Green Freight Action Plan – Reducing the Climate and Health Impacts of Goods Transport Electrification of Bus Public Transport in Utrecht Global Fuel Economy Initiative GFEI
CO3 – Collaboration Concepts for Comodality Green Award – Certification for Maritime and Inland Waterway Vessels Green Deal Zero Emission (GDZES) City Distribution Harvestagg – The Greenest Gas from the Greenest Grass
Colruyt and Delhaize – Night-time deliveries in Brussels- Belgium Greening Inland Waterway Transport in The Innovation Lab Hyderabad India – Last-Mile Connectivity Bicycle Share System Industrial Waste Gas Fermentation: Carbon Recycling for Fuel Production
Declaration on Best Tyres for CO2 reduction-improved safety and noise abatement Hybrid Electric Inland Barge in the Netherlands IGES Ghana Eco-Transport Program – Real World Transport Emission Monitoring and Mitigation Producing Liquid Fuels from Waste CO2
eHighway – Electrifying Heavy Duty Road Freight Transport     Innovations in container shipping Innovative Monitoring of CO2 for Transport – IMC4T PROESA™ technology: advanced biorefinery platform in Italy
Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe     Navigating a Changing Climate: Towards Sustainable Waterborne Transport Infrastructure International Walking Data Standard Stockholm’s Commitment to Clean Vehicles and Fuel
Guangdong Green Freight Demonstration Project     On Board Monitoring: showing real world emissions Invest to Save – Changing to LED Street Lighting on London’s (TfL) Road Network Sunliquid® – Cellulosic Ethanol and Biobased Chemicals from Agricultural Residues (Germany)
HyTruck- Zero emission Urban Freight     Port Vision for 2030 – The Port of Rotterdam’s climate initiative Integrated Urban Intelligence in Toyota City-Japan Sustainable Marine Biofuel Initiative
Lean and Green- The Road to Zero Emissions in Logistics and Personal Mobility     REWWay- Research and Education in Inland Waterway Logistics in Austria London’s Traffic Restraint Measures – The Congestion Charge- Low Emission and Ultra Low Emission Zone Turbogenerator Integrated Gas Energy Recovery System (TIGERS)-VIPER sub project
Living Labs Demonstrate the Trucks of the Future     The Blue World – Sustainable Inland Ships Measuring walkability in the global South: applications in Cape Town and Delhi Turning CO2 into Sustainable Liquid Fuel
New bio-based polyamide engine covers for cars   Valuable Solution for Abandoned Cargo in Port of Rotterdam New BRT Corridors in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil help ensure people take public transport UPM BioVerno- renewable diesel helps to reduce transport emissions from diesel vehicles significantly- Finland
Remote Bring-Site Monitoring in the United Kingdom – the Straightsol Project Working with Nature on inland waterways Pedestrian Safety Prioritized in Mexico City: Tactical Urbanism- #YoMeMuevo- and Vision Zero Using Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a Fuel for Ferries in Stockholm-Sweden
Road Sector Support Program: Developing Adaptive Capacity for Climate Change in Nicaragua Zero emissions for Canal Cruise Boats by 2025 Ropeways as Alternative Transport Modes in Urban Areas Using Pyrolysis Oil-a 2nd Generation Biomass to Liquid Advanced Biofuel for Transport in the Netherlands
Road Trains- Longer Combination Vehicles (LCVs) in Road Transport ZEMAPHOR: Moving shipping towards low-emission solutions (ZEM – NORWAY) Rotterdam’s commitment to Electric mobility
Share the road – prioritizing walking and cycling in Nairobi Shaping the Future with Electric Mobility – A Global Process
SinergiBo – Italian Internet Freight Marketplace   Supporting Sustainable Transport Management in Dushanbe- Tajikstan
Smart Routing Advice in the Amsterdam Region UITP Climate Leader Declaration: Brisbane Transport- Australia
Smart Solar Charging UITP Climate Declaration Leader: MVG- Munich- Germany
Smartfusion: Smart Urban Freight Solutions UITP Climate Leader Declaration: Public Transport Modernization Project in Belgrade- Serbia
Speed Advice: dynamic speed advice near intersections UITP Declaration on Climate Leadership: Sustainability Charter
SynchroMania – ‘Serious’ gaming in container logistics Urban -Consolidation Centre in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat Spain
The Electric Circuit: A New Way to Fill the Tank World Bank Resilient Cities Program – CityStrength Diagnostic
The Lean and Green Synchronized [or Cooperative] Inland Freight Initiative in the Netherlands
Truck Platooning Trial in the Netherlands with EcoTwin
Using heat pump air conditioners for Electric Vehicles
Yellow Pallet – Using Banana Stems to Produce Sustainable Transport Pallet