The Habitat III conference comes at the end of a multi-year process of preparatory meetings, discussions and negotiations on the New Urban Agenda (NUA), the outcome document of the Habitat III conference.

SLoCaT and its members have actively engaged in the lead-up to Habitat III and this has helped to contribute to a strong incorporation of sustainable transport and mobility in the latest draft of the NUA adopted at the last Informal Negotiations which was held in New York between September 7-10.  There are a range of recommendations on sustainable transport and mobility in the draft document including on: sustainable transport infrastructure and services generation; rural-urban linkages, food security, and food waste; travel demand management; road safety; active mobility, climate change, air quality, and energy efficiency; freight transport; land use, urban planning and transport planning; transport, poverty, equity and inclusion; capacity building; and sustainable transport financing.

The purpose of SLoCaT’s presence in Quito is therefore NOT to promote a better integration of sustainable transport and mobility in the negotiated outcome document.  SLoCaT will emphasize in its activities in Quito the strong emphasis the NUA places on the role sustainable mobility and transport has to play in achieving sustainable urban development, with the following objectives:

– Emphasize the action orientation of the NUA and promote the implementation of mobility- and transport-related recommendations of the NUA

– Demonstrate the linkages between the NUA and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for transport

– Build bridges with other parts of the development community, for whom transport is of importance

– Discuss an effective review mechanism for mobility- and transport-related recommendations in the NUA