SinergiBo – Italian Internet Freight Marketplace

Context of Transport Climate Action

The Bologna Freight Village is one of the most important Italian logistics company hubs with about 115 tenants on the site. The large number of companies means that their freight and logistics operations are very fragmented. This results in inefficiencies such as empty truck movements or low load factors. Consequently, the environmental as well as the economic performance of freight transport in the region is not optimized.

Through the SinergiBo website, Interporto Bologna, the company managing the freight village, offers a matchmaking service operating between the suppliers of transport services and the transport demands of local industries and logistic service providers. This matchmaking platform allows companies to reduce their number of transport movements and enhances competitiveness along the supply chain.


SinergiBo is an innovative internet-based freight marketplace system, designed to strengthen and optimize the transport operations of the Bologna Freight Village. This optimization is achieved by improving matchmaking opportunities between the demanders and suppliers of transport.

The marketplace application provides an open system in which transport operators can offer connecting services. Both logistics service providers and local industries can place transport order requests.

The use of this system not only results in lower procurement costs for the parties involved, but it also enables more efficient vehicle utilization because of the reduction in empty return trips made by transport operators.

The SinergiBo system differs from most other internet-based transport marketplaces as they mainly deal with long-distance transport needs and services, disregarding medium- and short- range transport requirements from operators such as city logistics companies and regional distribution networks. SinergiBo aims to fill this gap in the market with its effective combination of technology, marketing and supply-chain oriented services. This new system satisfies both local manufacturers and transport operators as they can easily find an effective match by accessing the application. The service’s web site is


SinergiBo was developed as part of LogiCon, a project under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme. The aim of the LogiCon project was to develop targeted solutions for data exchange problems in transport logistics for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME); these smaller companies do not normally have the means to invest heavily in IT solutions. Applications developed by the project have enabled the SMEs to improve their competitive position but also to organize their transport operations in more efficient ways. For example, financial gains are obtained by improving transport load factors or choosing a more sustainable transport mode.

As part of the LogiCon project, the SinergiBo system was developed by Interporto Bologna, the terminal operator of an Italian freight hub. The project’s workload consisted of developing the website and setting up a marketing campaign through dissemination events and business-to-business meetings. The SinergiBo application is considered a success story: users of the system are very satisfied and see it as an improvement of the services available to them.


  • SinergiBO has about 100 current users, with 3 to 4 new subscribors each month.
  • Users claim average cost savings of 10 to 30% (depending on different leg and load trip factors).
  • Users report improvements in their load factors, thus reducing empty trip kilometers.

Potential for scaling up

IT applications such as the SinergiBo system, specifically aimed at SME users, can greatly enhance the competitive position and the environmental performance of SME companies. The online SinergiBo application can be rolled out to include freight communities and multimodal transport terminals throughout the world.

Selected references

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Interporto Bologna


“SinergiBo has been a fruitful experience in understanding the needs of small logistics operators and providing them with effective solutions for improving their business. It combines both technical and organizational features in logistics planning and management, becoming the first step of a strategic plan for the Bologna Freight Village aimed at improving collaboration among industrial firms and logistics SMEs in the local area and providing them with international services”
-Fabio Cartolano, Project Manager at Interporto Bologna SpA group