Youth and Mobility: Transport Futures – What’s Yours?


An interactive and dynamic session on Youth and mobility


Transport and mobility are key for providing access to education, jobs, leisure and other primary services. Research is showing in the developed world (Europe and the US) that the car is no longer the status symbol it once was, however in much of the developing world there is still little option to the car is you wish to appear ‘cool’ as a young person.

The session will be very interactive between experts, governments and youth-led groups. This session will allow youth representatives to explore what they should be expecting from the outcome of the COP and their governments commitments to a low carbon future in terms of transport.


The session will present the views of youth in terms of sustainable transport with a focus on the developing world

Experts will present their vision and some examples of cities that are taking the lead in policy development, as well as some examples of how technology can provide solutions and other innovative solutions that are youth orientated. The panel session will be a question and answer session – also taking questions from twitter that we expect will come from all over the world.



13h 00 – 13h 05    Opening Session

  • Opening and Welcome (scene-setting)
    Cornie HuizengaSecretary General, Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT)
  • Introduction to ‘Guerrilla warfare and Superheros making the transport of the future’
    Session moderator: Heather Allen, COP21 Outreach Consultant, Paris Process on Mobility and Climate

13h 05- 13h 40     Being a superhero in Mexico

  • Peatonito, Mexico City’s masked defender of pedestrian rights
    Q & A live from Mexico City

13h 40– 14h 00     Youth Climate Action: Mobilising youth and the Climate Express

  • Sophie Dufour, Spokesperson and Communications Coordinator Climate Express

14h 00 – 14h 30    Transport Bingo 

A game where people play Bingo but learn about facts on transport and climate change (linked to the 6 key messages identified by PPMC – decarbonisation, adaptation and climate resilience, finance and economy wide gains, urgency and timeliness, dynamism and innovation, and accessibility and connectivity)

14h 30 – 14h 50    Y4PT Youth: Youth and Public Transport

14h 50 – 15h 05  Surprise guest appearances!

15h 05 – 15h 50  Panel of Experts, polling and interactive debate session

Moderator: Heather Allen, Paris Process on Mobility and Climate

Experts include:

  • Mr. Tikender Singh Panwar, Deputy Mayor of Shimla, India (confirmed)
  • Patrick Oliva, Michelin Group Senior Vice President in Charge of Strategic Anticipation and Sustainable Development (confirmed)
  • Brownen Thornton, Development Director, Walk 21 (confirmed)
  • Philippe Crist, Corporate Partnership Board, International Transport Forum
  • Max van Deursen, Dutch Youth Representative Sustainable Development to the United Nations (confirmed)

15h 50 – 16h 00    Conclusion and wrap up


December 09, 2015 - December 09, 2015


Room 3, Espaces Generations (Green Zone)


Contact Person:

Heather Allen:

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