Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) Transport Focus


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Building on the momentum of the Climate Summit hosted by the UN Secretary-General in September 2014, the LPAA was officially launched at COP 20 to incentivize promising innovative and collaborative climate action initiatives, by both state and non-state actors. These initiatives will be showcased during an official, high-level sequence of 12 thematic LPAA Focus events in the accredited area of COP 21 venue in Le Bourget. More information on the LPAA can be found on the LPAA website:

The LPAA Focus on Transport on December 3 (10.00 am – 1.00 pm) presents advances in implementation of the 15 Transport Initiatives, with major announcements and commitments notably geared towards:

  1. The reduction of emissions from freight transport and long distance mobility
  2. The improvement of urban mobility while reducing emissions and congestion
  3. An accelerated deployment of very low and ultra-low emission vehicles.

The LPAA Focus on Transport will also outline perspectives for future bold action and cooperation in other areas.

For a full overview of the initiatives and supportive documents presented on December 3rd in the Transport Focus please see:

A program for the days events is available here: LPAA Transport Focus Program


December 03, 2015 - December 03, 2015


Blue Zone (Observer room 12), COP21 Venue, Paris


Contact Person:

Cornie Huizenga:

Patrick Oliva:

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