Reykjavik’s Climate Action Plan

DC_ReykjavikIceland’s capital Reykjavik is a Decarbonization Champion thanks to its environmentally friendly policies and climate action plan. The city established a low-carbon pathway in 2009 and the city council approved specific measures in 2016. A main focus is to produce carbon-free energy. This ambition strongly resembles the Component 2 on low carbon energy supply strategy of the Global Macro Roadmap.

Reykjavik’s goal is to become carbon-neutral by 2040 and to reduce three quarters of 2010 GHG emissions by 2050.

The action plan consists of measures focusing on transport and energy use, land use, waste and climate change adaptation. Reykjavik plans to introduce public transport and cycling initiatives, build electric charging stations and induce reduction of transport needs. The measures will be reviewed every 5 years.


Decarbonization Targets

Targets for transport:

Overall long-term decarbonization goal:


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