Progress on the roadmap for low carbon and sustainable mobility in India

The roadmap for low carbon and sustainable mobility in India kicked off in November 2018 under the aegis of PPMC, with the support of WWF in collaboration with FICCI and funded by the Michelin Foundation. The project formed in early 2019 a working group for each of the eight roadmap components. A couple of working group meetings have been already held, such as two meetings on Component 2 (low-carbon energy supply) in February 2019, a meeting on Component 5 (avoid vehicle kilometers) in March 2019 and Component 8 (economic instruments and finance) in February 2019. The meetings were coordinated by FICCI and inputs are being collated. In addition, WWF-India coordinated working group meetings on Component 1 (urban transformation), in February and march 2019 and Component 6 (solutions for rural populations) in February 2019.

The detailed list of working group meetings is as follows:

The following meetings of the Working Groups were coordinated by FICCI:

  • Working Group for Component 2 (low-carbon energy supply for transport) – 2 Meetings held (1st meeting on Feb 5, 2019 and 2nd meeting on Feb 21, 2019)
  • Working Group for Component 5 (Avoid vehicle kilometers for commuting, shopping and accessing services) – 1st Meeting held on march 5, 2019
  • Working Group for Component 8 (Large scale deployment of economic instruments and leveraging Finance) – 1st Meeting held on February 27, 2019

The following meetings of the Working Groups were Coordinated by WWF- India:

  • Working Group for Component 1 (Urban transformation for healthier, inclusive lifestyles and efficient, resilient, prosperous cities ) – 2 meetings held (1st meeting on Feb 6, 2019 and 2nd meeting on 6th March 2019)
  • Working Group for Component 6 (Provide low-carbon solutions for the rural (non-urban) populations) – 1st meeting held on February 25, 2019

The next Core Group meeting and workshops of the Working Group are tentatively planned for May 7, 2019. The Co-chairs proposed that the kick off seminar be held after the 2019 General Elections. FICCI will organise the kick off seminar tentatively in the month of July.


Please download the roadmap here:

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The full-text of the Global Macro-Roadmap

Please download full-text of the document in English and French: