PPMC launches Key Messages on Transport and Climate Change for COP23

Paris Process on Climate Change (PPMC) just launched Key Messages on Transport and Climate Change for COP23 to support a coordinated global voice on sustainable, low carbon transport and thereby make it easier for the transport sector to make its case during COP23.

The key messages were developed through consultative processes, including a comprehensive survey and a consultative meeting, with a broad range of stakeholders that include business sector, civil society, development community and public sector. The 6 key messages are:

  • Decarbonization of all modes of transport by 2050 is possible, but action is needed now;
  • Action on low carbon transport supports eight of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Investments in sustainable, low carbon, resilient transport offer great value for money;
  • Innovative solutions have the potential to transform current transport systems into efficient, low carbon people-orientated solutions;
  • Sustainable transport will be essential for countries to deliver on their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs); and
  • The global transport community stands ready to support countries, cities and companies action on climate change and development

These key messages will contribute to a more visible position for transport at COP23, and strengthen the effort of the inclusion of all stakeholders for transport and related sectors in the discussions in the UNFCCC. Poster Key Message (Nov2, 2017)-02Poster Key Message (Nov2, 2017)-02The key messages are supported by a set of sub-messages, for detailed information, please see here.



Poster Key Message (Nov2, 2017)-02