PPMC at Movin’On Summit 2019, the global sustainable mobility summit

The Movin’On Summit will be held from 4 to 6 June 2019 in Montreal, Canada. The conference brings together over 5,000 participants, ranging from public and private decision makers, start-ups, universities, cities to state-owned public bodies and companies who operate in the transport sector. The summit provides a platform to discuss sustainable mobility solutions and look towards the future of mobility.

Movinon Summit

The main theme for 2019 is “Solutions for multimodal ecosystems” and the five key content themes are:

Thus, the summit covers a wide range of topics and all modes of passenger and freight transport. Regarding climate change, the subtheme on decarbonisation and air quality highlights local and global environmental issues in light of the Paris Agreement.

The overall intention of the conference is to get “from ambition to action”, in a unique setting and collaborative mindset that make Movin’On Summit an outstanding experience for every participant: keynotes, panel discussions, working sessions with experts, labs, brain dates, press conferences, exhibition areas, side events of all sorts will provide opportunities to co-innovate and experiment with innovations first hand.

The Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC), a joint initiative by the Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) and the Movin’On ecosystem, looks forward to engaging at the Movin’On Summit by being involved in two events:

  • PPMC will be involved in the first ever presentation of the World Bank initiative “Sustainable Mobility for All” (SuM4All), and its major output that is the “Global Roadmap of Action” aimed to help countries designing sets of policy measures tailored to their context and challenges. The Global Roadmap of Action will be presented at the Movin’On Summit in a side-event chaired by SuM4All on June 4, with active participation of PPMC as lead of the specific work stream dedicated to Green mobility.
  • PPMC will also be present with the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA), on a special event on June 5, showcasing the major outcomes achieved since the last Movin’On Summit in 2018 (for example, the so-called “TDA Manifesto” and perspectives of the TDA Community of Interest on Executive Education).

Find out more about the summit on https://summit.movinonconnect.com/en/#/

Follow the conference’s official Twitter here: ‎@movinonconnect