Opening of the EcoMobility Days


At this event, local governments and experts from around the world gathered in Quito for the opening of the EcoMobility Days, a 5-day program dedicated to sustainable urban mobility. EcoMobility, with the support of the FIA Foundation and Euroclima, is bringing together change-makers to allow them to share good practices on urban mobility and equip them to implement the New Urban Agenda.


Key Messages from Event :
  • Yeom Tae-Young, Mayor of Suwon, presented the experience of the city with the EcoMobility World Festival in 2014. Facing strong resistance from citizens when the city announced its intention to ban cars from an entire neighborhood for a whole month for the festival, the municipality worked with the community to get the buy-in from citizens. The festival proved to be a success, increasing air quality as well as the economy and quality of life in the neighborhood.
  • Matthew Appelbaum, Councillor of the City of Boulder, demonstrated how creativity allows cities to develop a sustainable urban transport system despite low resources. For instance, Boulder created bike lanes that also serve as flood control facilities, thereby being entitled to more funding. The Councillor reminded that the biggest challenge in urban mobility remains to change people’s behavior.
  • Clarisse Cunha Linke, Country Director, ITDP Brazil, reminded of the need to include poorer communities in transport planning. She showed how in cities with very good transport systems, most of the time, poorer communities have the less access to public transportation.
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